Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Andrea Blake | Creator of Southwest Sampler

Growing up in Mesa, Arizona I was consumed by the thought of graduating, getting married and starting a family all by the age of 24. I am now 27 years old and I couldn’t be happier with how my life has taken a turn for the best. Upon meeting Anthony Swann (Co-Owner / Director of Thrill Wave Creative Agency) at the age of 22, my world changed immensely. I was able to expand my mind and outlook on how limitless life can be, simply by following the one piece of advice he had given me. This advice was, “If it scares you, do it!”.mSince meeting him I have experienced life in a way that I never though existed, all by taking risks. Read more>>

Amelia Walsh | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

I can basically say the majority of the decisions I’ve made in my life and career have been built on taking risks. From proposing to my husband when I was 17 to jumping in head first into new positions and pivoting my career again and leading me to FABRIC, I’ve definitely learned over the years that I’m the “leap before looking” type. For the most part I’d say it’s worked out phenomenally well for me. There have been some heart breaking moments that have come with it, but even if a decision doesn’t work out great, I know I learned so much from it. I would always rather see an idea come to life and it crash and burn then to have never tried. I have a hard time letting go of missed opportunities. Read more>>

Krisanna Sexton | Director & Filmmaker

Most of my life I’ve had an aversion to taking risks. Staying safe was an important concept in my family, and I grew up with a great deal of fear and anxiety. So much so that it kept me from accepting my authentic self as I was terrified of what others might think if they knew who I really was. Then I went to a Tony Robbins conference and my life changed forever. I was challenged to walk on hot coals as a symbol of overcoming fear. When I got to the edge of the coals, I felt fear overwhelm my body. It was as if I was facing all of the fear I had felt throughout my life head-on, and I nearly didn’t do it, Then all of the sudden I felt myself go into a deep state where I channeled a higher version of myself that wasn’t afraid. I looked forward and began to walk on the coals with confidence. As I did so, I felt a part of me I had hidden away for most of my life unlocked and a new version of me emerged. Read more>>

Tiffany Ansick | Future Professional and Soon to be Licensed Cosmetologist

Risk taking is extremely scary!! I took a huge risk and drove across country to start my career. My husband is in the Air Force and I learned that I wanted to do hair while we were over seas. I told him when we get to the states I wanted to start hair school. When we got to the states, the school had closed in the town we moved to. Driving 4-8 hours a day was out of the question, and getting an apartment in a town 2-4 hours away was also out of the question. Moving in with family was our final option. We talked it over, spoke to our families, and off I went. I drove 12 hours from Minot, North Dakota to Wyoming, and 14 hours from Wyoming to Phoenix Arizona. I packed up my dogs and myself and drove cross country to pursue my new career with the full support of my amazing husband. If I hadn’t taken this risk I wouldn’t be happy for me, or for us and our family. Read more>>

Maren Sater | Organizational Effectiveness Consultant & Pet Photographer

For the longest time, I thought of ‘risk takers’ as people who really put it all on the line – made the big bet or the life or death type decisions. I didn’t think of myself as a risk-taker because compared to that standard, I’m fairly conservative. However, with some help and introspection, I believe now that I am a risk taker and so are a lot of people. Risks are not always financial or about physical safety; I think a lot of achieving success is about risking ego. Growing up as a military brat, every three years we moved and I had to put myself out there to meet new friends. Being an introvert, that was a risk. Trying out for college sports as a walk-on when others had scholarships was a risk. Uprooting and moving to another state for a job where I knew no one was a risk. Creating photographic art and putting it out in the world for what is sure to be a met with an equal mix of appreciation and criticism is a risk. Read more>>