Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Mikel | Tattooer

Deep down inside I have always had a passion for creative outlets, and my mediums have changed over the years. After high school, I pursued a career in culinary arts and climbed that ladder for 12 years, I made a lot of mistakes during those years; excessively partied which ultimately led to my struggle and downfall with addiction. During that time my recreational interest in graffiti landed me in the legal system. Read more>>

Katy Lee West | Instagram Content Creator | Aspiring Author & Photographer

Is there any other way to live? From birth, you are usually categorized as a right brain or left brain person. Sure there are a few exceptions to this classification but if you are a creative brain person it can be difficult to work in a standard setting. Conforming to the norms of the standard American “office” never appealed to me. Throughout my career I’ve found my authentic voice can be best expressed through my writing. So when it came to finding a job it was only natural to want to create with my words. Story telling became my muse both on Instagram, blogs and the blank pages that I fill. It’s been my long-term goal to write and publish a book. So even though the road to publishing may be long and rough I’m willing to keep plugging away to reach my dream. Read more>>

Nina Paz | Freelance Photographer

Growing up I was always involved in art programs, whether it was choir/orchestra, honors art or photography. It’s where I’ve always felt most comfortable and at home with myself! So choosing to stay in my artistic lane was a no brainer. Originally I actually wanted to do hand animation! But once I took film photography in high school, I just knew that this specific branch of art held my heart. Read more>>

Alejandra G. Brady | Feng Shui & Interior Design

I am a creative. I have always been a creative. As a child, I used to arrange and rearrange the furniture in my Barbie townhouse daily. I did the same with my bedroom and my dorm room in college. I have always loved creating beautiful spaces for myself, my family and my clients. Creating a business where I can do this daily brings me authentic joy. My goal is to design spaces which invite balance and harmony into their life. When I decided to pivot from a strictly design business and study Feng Shui under a Master, I did so to take my work to the next level. My goal is to not only produce a space that looks beautiful, but to have a space that my client’s say FEELS as beautiful or more, than it looks! Read more>>