We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Anjeleiko Moreno | Dancer, Artist & Entrepreneur

My favorite quote/ affirmation is “Enjoy your bad times as much as your good times. Once you see both of these events under the same light, then they become just an experience. This is called balance.” – Anjeleiko Moreno. This quote/ affirmation highlights the simplistic nature of both good and bad times, and allows me to zoom out and see my life from a bigger perspective. To elaborate, it helps me to see bad experiences as a necessary part of life, and it helps me to better enjoy the good things that happen in my life. I believe that its a common practice for people to disregard balance whenever they experience any type of negative event, and this is a practice that I definitely disagree with and aim to change in the world. Read more>>

Royce Woolridge | Young Dad- Music Artist

One quote that really changed my perspective about music is “Nobody is going to go harder for you then you”. I remember having a conversation with one of my friends and being upset because I felt they weren’t going hard enough for my music. I was mad because I felt they could do more in helping me and they weren’t making it a priority. My friend looked at me and told me that if I wanted it I had to go harder for myself that I had to fully commit myself to the grind because they have their own lives. Even though I was a little upset it was something I really needed to hear. This motivated me to learn all aspects of my craft and depend on myself. I started learning how to make my own beats, market myself, learn piano, book my own shows and edit videos. Learning all these things allowed me to really grow as an artist. It made my persona and music something that is 100 percent authentically myself. It has taken a while to get to this point (my piano skills needs a lot of work) but it has shown me that if you truly believe in yourself and put the work in theres nothing you cant overcome. Read more>>

Phoebe Fox | Children’s Author and Host of Mamafox Books’ Storytime Saturdays on YouTube

The months before and after becoming a mother, I did a lot of reading about attachment parenting and breastfeeding. I studied Early Childhood Development in college and have always been interested in child rearing. In fact, after my husband and I got married, we decided to get a cat, just so I would have something to nurture and not be in too big of a rush to have kids! When I became pregnant three years later, I was determined to be a good mother and vowed to be respectful of my child (children) and their needs. When I was nursing my first son, I heard the following quote by Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP, at a La Leche League meeting, “Remember: You are not managing an inconvenience. You are raising a human being.” My husband and I had made some uncommon parenting choices for the times (we were co-sleeping, using cloth diapers, choosing soft carriers over strollers, breastfeeding exclusively), and her quote really hit home with me. Read more>>

Rob Walker | Hip Hop Artist & Entreprenuer

I’m not sure who said it but one of my favorite quotes says “Your emotions may trigger you into action, but your vision is what will sustain it.” What this quote means to me is that you cant trust your emotions. Sometimes you your up sometimes your down sotimes you feel like doing something sometimes you dont. so because our feelings can be misleading we have to lean on something more firm which is our Vision. When you have a vision for something it has the ability to motivate you into action even when you dont feel like it or its inconvenient. I like this quote bc I think its something we all can relate to. Read more>>

Joey Gutos | Artist, Musician & Lifelong Learner

Your goals don’t care about your feelings. This is my favorite quote as of late. On the surface it sounds a little harsh – and it kind of is – but I don’t think lasting quotes typically make you feel like life is perfect. I like the quotes that give me strength when life hits me in the gut, and as an artist who’s industry is largely built upon emotions and feelings, I have to remind myself of this one on a daily basis. Early this morning before I woke up, I had a dream where a close friend of mine asked me what I wanted to accomplish this year. I went into a grandiose explanation of it all, to which he replied “well, you aren’t going to make it happen sleeping in,” and I immediately woke up. I realized I had stopped my alarm and fell back asleep, probably on the premise of “just five more minutes.” This is where it all starts. I feel tired, so I’m going to sleep in. Now I’m running a behind on my day, so I feel like I need to skip my morning journal. I feel a bit sore from yesterday’s workout, so I’m not going to do my morning calisthenics. Read more>>

Jules Gissler | Artologist & Writer

“Why Not?”. To me, it puts fear aside and puts that action “Just Try” in front. Sometimes it’s just too easy to let fear slip in and keep you from doing what you want, or at least slowing the pace with too much thought involved. And with me, if I do fail –(that’s a pretty strong word)–so instead I’ll say if something doesn’t go as I planned, or envisioned, maybe instead, it will lead me down a better, or more exciting path. Read more>>

Casey Wakefield | Artist

My favorite quote or affirmation is always evolving. So, for right now, it is from Albert Einstein. He said, “There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as if everything is a miracle.” To me it means we have a choice on how we interpret life. It can be shaped by anger, greed, and bitterness or it can be informed with kindness, love and hope. Read more>>

Elayna Thompson | Artist & Model

My favorite quote is “ your setback is a setup for your comeback.” Honestly I feel like everyone could benefit from this quote. As a creative, more things are going wrong than right, so being able to adjust quickly is a must. I can’t continue to be down on myself because that’s not getting me closer to the goals I want to accomplish. Instead of shutting down, I need to refocus, see the lesson to be learned and grow from the experience to be better. Read more>>

Jessica Hale | Cannabis & Emerging Industries Attorney

“Luck favors the prepared.” People often believe that some just get “lucky” in life and that is the greatest contributor to their success. While luck or circumstance certainly helps, preparation is just as important – if you are not prepared to seize or act on the opportunities that come knocking, someone else will be. This quote epitomizes my legal career, starting from overcoming my initial wait-listing at UNC School of Law (my dream school). Bucking the school’s suggestion to the contrary, I reached out to admissions, begged them to hear me out, and scheduled a meeting. Luckily, my convincing worked, and I took advantage of the opportunity to plead my case and convince admissions that I was worthy of acceptance. That initiative (aided in no small part by a drink from the lucky Old Well on campus) proved fruitful and admissions took a chance on me. A few years, and a job or two later, I went to get my nails done and I fortuitously sat next to next to someone who would end up shaping my career. Although I had no idea who she was, or what she did, her mysterious and magnetic personality led me to strike up a conversation. Read more>>

Andrea Beaulieu | Speaking and Authentic Leadership Coach and Trainer

“We but mirror the world.” Gandhi What I like about this quote is both the opportunity and responsibility it entails for all of us. When we perceive from the part of our brains that enable empathy, love, gratitude and forgiveness, we have a better chance of creating and influencing our world to mirror those values and qualities! Our perceptions, and thus our feelings and behaviors, become self fulfilling prophecies that are mirrored back to us. I’ve used this as a mantra and call to action in all areas of my life. Read more>>