We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Lauren McCaulou | Fine Arts Painter

I am quite grateful to say there are many people and moments in my life that I find joy and happiness in and being around. There is much in my life to celebrate; small moments such as driving out to Tonto National Forest or belly-laughing with new friends over a few drinks, and larger moments such as the opening of my exhibition in Mesa in May of this last year. My happiness also comes from my perspective and how I choose to react, there will always be moments to mourn and grieve, but I make the decision to find a moment to treasure. Change is perpetual, along with change is joy and grief, I see this frequently in my life and reflecting in my art work. Read more>>

Dr. Sydney Briner | Chiropractor serving Families, Pregnancy & Pediatrics

My job is what makes me happy, it is my passion. Being able to serve the community and help people to heal from the inside out naturally and seeing people get better. Not just with pain or discomfort, but with connecting them back to the person of their dreams, doing the things they have been wanting to do or have been unable to do. Living their lives again. It does not really feel like the definition of a job because it is what I feel I was called to do and I love doing it. Read more>>

Chris Busone | Head Chef/Owner of Captain Cooks Food

Feeding people. You would think that eating would go along with that, but to be honest I enjoy feeding people so much more. I love the idea that I can create something that people can connect over. Something that can stop a conversation as peoples’ eyes widen and they breathe through their noses. Food is a universal language and common bridge we can all cross from any side. Being able to have a part in creating that bridge? There’s literally nothing better. Read more>>