Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Anh Clayhold | Founder of Little Charmers Market

I would call it fate if there was such a thing. My oldest daughter was given two hand me down smocked dresses. Upon receiving them, I felt this familiarity and somewhat nostalgic but I couldn’t really put a finger on to as why I was feeling that way. I of course loved those dresses on her and I thought they were special and exquisite. Read more>>

Tim Pacatte | Co-Founder of Reset Mind & Body

I have been self employed since 2005 and have and many business ventures that I have developed and/or been a partner in developing, but my most recent and proudest has been something that I began conceptualizing in 2019. I had multiple things going on with my professional and personal life. Read more>>

Jordan Jensen | NVRLND Brand Partner

It started as more of a casual banter, actually. We [Jordan & Sid] were chatting during a round of golf and commenting on other players shirts. Amidst the swings, drinks and other juvenile behavior, other groups would laugh and tell us how we were truly just giant children. We never denied it — no one ever wants to grow up. We kept playing; seeing dated and frumpy fits with some interesting patterns on shirts from time to time. Read more>>

Anthony & Gabriella Chagolla | Photographer & Videographer

I Came up with the idea for the business before I got engaged to my wife now we are happily married. Our names are Anthony & Gabriella I believe when you are in a relationship that turns into marriage you must grow something together to grow together. That’s where the initials A&G came from we both have an amazing hobby to capture special moments on the camera. Read more>>

Tami Spence | Online Business Support Consultant

I have a background in technology, but after my kids were born I became very interested in holistic wellness. I got my health coaching certification and wasn’t really sure what to do with it, but in the process I realized a lot of coaches were not as comfortable with technology as I was. Read more>>

Leia Clark | Jack’s 66 Pit Stop

The idea for our business might also fall under the “work/life balance” question. The hardest part of our story is where to start … we will celebrate our 20th anniversary and grand opening on Sept 29th, 2023. We are both at the beginning and the end, this life and this business is our comeback story. Read more>>