We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Adele Linton | Owner, Videographer & Photographer

I got fired one too many times! Sounds off putting, but people in the creative field just aren’t valued as much as we should be. Unfortunately, we are considered non essential employees when a company isn’t making enough money or there’s something like a global pandemic. Even though I was putting my heart in to my work for these companies, there was something missing. There was no association with the actual people behind the company. There was no personal connection to their potential clients. Read more>>

Kate Deparini | Creator

I’ve always been a naturally creative person. Prior to moving home, I was an event planner in San Diego, CA and a travel agent/event coordinator in Asheville, NC. I thrived in these creative environments and looked forward to making everybody’s special days perfect. While I loved living in the big cities and working these amazing jobs, in my heart, it was always my dream to be a stay at home mom. When my husband found out he was going on his second deployment in 2018, we decided it was the perfect time for me to move home to Lake Havasu and grow our roots. In January of 2020, we found out that we were expecting our first baby and we could not have been more excited. Read more>>

Anna Nations | Aesthetician and Laser Technician in training

Growing up, I struggled with a number of health concerns— severe skin breakouts being one of the symptoms. For me, this took a major toll on my confidence and overall mental health. I can most definitely attest to the hardship of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. I saw dermatologists and tried many skin products and felt helpless when I was not seeing the results I wanted. It wasn’t until I saw a licensed aesthetician that I began to gain some hope. I then went on to do my own research and then made the decision to turn it into my career. For me, it was so much more than the treatment I was receiving that helped me. It was about being in a safe space where I felt like I could be myself and not be ashamed of the way I looked. Read more>>

Tiffany Miner | Sugar Cookie Extraordinaire

I never thought of starting my own business. I don’t think what I have now is really considered a business. I loved baking and what started out as an outlet ended up with friends and family wanting me to bake. That expanded into referrals from friends etc. It has alwasy been a side hussle for me, something I did in addition to my “9-5” job. During the COVID shutdown is when I started thinking that it could end up be a true business someday. Read more>>

Chad Wilson Bailey | Artist, Musician & Producer

Through an unexpected set of circumstances that I felt at the time were unfortunate I came to the realization that I wanted more time in my life to be creative and to focus more on my mental and physical health. At this point in my life I was in my early 40s and had been working in the music industry full and part time on and off for my entire adult life. I decided to double down on my efforts as a musician and created an LLC. I focused all my attention on my career in music and basically never said no to any work that came my way. Read more>>

Dianna Robicheau | Virtual Assistant for Creative Entrepreneurs

I have always worked a traditional 9-5 job, and in 2018 moved cross country from where I grew up and where my family is located. Once moving, I struggled with the idea of only being able to go back home to visit for a week or so at a time, as determined by my PTO schedule. So while searching for ideas of what I could do for work that would allow for more travel, I discovered Virtual Assisting. I was hooked! I also have always loved serving people, so it was the perfect industry for me. Now I get to do what I love – help creative entrepreneurs streamline their client systems and market their work digitally. Read more>>

Loris Zimmerli | Content Creator | Movie & Social Media

My dream has always been to be my own boss. I worked as an employee for 9 years. After a certain time, I could no longer reconcile my conscience with working for one person or for a “foreign” company. I wanted to be able to decide for myself how long I work, when I can take weekends and most importantly: when and how long I can take holidays. So I had a goal and a passion. These two aspects, in combination with hard work, are the best prerequisites. Read more>>

Olivia Abt | Artisan Candle Maker

As candle lovers ourselves, we constantly were finding new ways to repurpose used candle vessels. What fascinated us was how timeless they were, being used before electricity as a means to see in the dark, whereas now they are more used for self care, relaxation, & spiritual practices. We thought, instead of jumping through creative hoops to repurpose the vessels, wouldn’t it be great to create a candle that could easily be refilled in our own home. This led us down the rabbit hole of creating our first ceramic prototype, as well as figuring out how to pour our refills so they can work reliably in each one of a kind vessel. Read more>>

Anne Meringolo | Website Owner

I’ve always done some research before visiting new locations, and after a few years of travel, I’ve come to the conclusion that these blog posts are useful but not really personal. With more content about a single area than you can imagine, including food recommendations, packing tips, viewpoints, and more, we’ve seen how the rise of travel influencers has significantly changed the industry. During the pandemic, when frequent travellers were grounded, I read about a family that was vacationing and then quarantined in Greece for weeks and how communities around the world embraced some travellers who had nowhere to go. Read more>>

Kathy Huerta | Lash Artist

I was in my first year of college and hated it… the thought of spending so much money on tuition for a future job I would most likely hate. I just had three goals for my career: I wanted to make others feel good, I was able to support myself financially and I didn’t want to loathe going to work. It has taken me about 7 years in the lash industry and lots of bumps in the road to finally enjoy my career path. I was tired of working for other people dreams and wanted to create my own. Read more>>

Matthew Navarro | Founder, Digital Marketer & Travel Guide

What was your thought process behind starting your own business?
Woah, what a loaded question!

I think It’s in my blood. My dad had his own local telecommunications business. Hearing his stories and seeing him take action is probably the REAL reason I decided to take this leap.

However, if we’re talking about real time, I, like many others were laid off due to COVID-19. I had already been working for a group travel company. At first as a Tour Guide, later in Operations, and lastly had a short stint in Marketing. With COVID decimating the Leisure, Travel, and Hospitality industry, I found myself jobless. Read more>>

Emily Logan | Writer, Artist and Editor

I started Space On Space Magazine in August 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, protests for Black liberation and continued existential threat of the climate crisis. In the isolation of the Stay-at-Home order, I had a deep desire to have conversations around challenging topics that were affecting the world, so I started talking to my friends about what was going on. Then, I began recording the conversations on Zoom. Now, two three years in, Space On Space has become a platform that aids people in healing and reflection through the practice of slow publishing and reading. We make print magazines and produce digital content that encourages the reader to slow down and process life as it’s happening. Read more>>

Lee Kirby | Entertainment company

I grew up watching my father run his own construction business. We have a natural independent spirit so it seemed right. I contrasted the way he contracted a build project to putting together the elements of a successful event Read more>>

David Manheim | Podcaster & Dreamer

We started Dopey when I had 4 months of sobriety after 20n years of drug abuse. I started it with my friend Chris OConnor. Chris and I had met in rehab for IV drugs. When we started Dopey it wasn’t to make a business. It was to have something to do. As addicts in early recovery we knew that to stay busy and occupied was a great strategy for staying clean and more importantly for staying out of our heads. Addicts have the tendency to be incredibly self centered and to get stuck In their heads. Read more>>

Bryan Soto | Content Creator

I’ve always had a strong interest in trying new restaurants and sharing my experiences with friends & family. People would often ask me for food recommendations around the Valley. Then at some point in 2016 someone asked why don’t I just start a blog? It was at that moment I decided I wanted to create something that people can refer for the best places to eat at. Even though I knew there were several other influencers already creating content, I wanted to focus on the local food scene that often gets overlooked. Read more>>

Jason OG Pelon” Rodriguez | Tattoo Artist & Piercer”

My ambition to be my own boss. Iv worked at alot of different shops. And came across some really talented and and well known artists in the Industry….I picked up and soaked up as much knowledge that I can could about skill, art and dedication, how to be professional, and how to be really good at customer service. Also learned about my self, my drive to lead my own legacy one day…. Where all that I’ve learned from the 25+ years that iv been tattooing….that I can now have what it takes to help build up my artists and my business…… Read more>>

Dontae Robertson | Musician and Director

I wanted to find an outlet for myself and the other artists around me to use in order to express themselves. While going after film making and music, I wanted to0 offer a high quality yet affordable options for up and coming artists such as myself. The paywall, while being far less exclusive than it used to be to begin making music, it still isnt as accessible as it could be, Read more>>

D. Anaya | Interdisciplinary Artist, Grief Guide, Rootworker

I have always seen myself as an entrepreneur, since my childhood I have been finding creative ways to express myself. Starting my own business(es), while scary in the early stages, seemed like the next logical step in my evolution as an artist, healer, advocate and mother. Read more>>

Tina Weller | Founder & Creator Fumee Claire Candles, Reeds and Body Products

Fumee Claire was founded during Covid when the world slowed down and we all sat back for a minute to think of what and how we want to return to our new Normal. During this time I was diagnosed with a medical condition that forced me to look at how I live my life, what I consume and how to live a clean lifestyle. I have always loved candles and started making them as a hobby a few years before, in the process of learning how to empower my body by being more natural in what I put on my body, consume and smell, I learned that fragrance holds so many bad elements and chemicals. Read more>>

SHiqi Yang | Owner of Populus Beauty, retail entrepreneur

I took over the business from a friend during the pandemic, the original owner selling the place since they are moving to another state. The decision of taking over the place was actually natural. The biggest concern is that we all can see that the pandemic has a huge impact on retail business, but I believe that things going to restore to what it used to be after the pandemic. People would love to come out even more when pandemic ends. Read more>>

Natalia McDougall | Esthetician & Cosmetic Laser Technician

For the longest time I didn’t know what i wanted to do career wise. When I got into the Esthetics world and saw how many different paths you could go down I was amazed. I think to make you stand out as an esthetician you have to be unique. And it’s hard to work at a spa and to add your own personal touch because of their protocols which is understandable. So that is where I came in thinking I wanted to start my own business in Esthetics. And it is so fun being able to customize everything in your own business how you like it and others will too! Read more>>

Cassidy Mavros | CEO and Designer

The thought process behind starting Baystone Swimwear was the love for high quality swimsuits made ethically and sustainably. Our swimsuits are made from recycled ocean materials that not only look great but feel incredible. We source our swimsuits from factories that treat its employees far beyond minimum standards and use only the best practices to source its materials. Our mission was and is to provide a product that allows everyone to look and feel their best whether it be ocean or poolside. Read more>>

Latrice Curtis | Entrepreneur

I wanted to bring joy and laughter to children will learning and exploring different whys to bring out there imagination – I remember having to play by myself being the only child when I didn’t have family around; which brought out my imaginative side. The process of the business was showing and allowing children to be creative and build skills at the same time. Our baking boxes allow children to measure the different contents in the box while given them independence where our craft jars allow children to go wild with there creative side with several supplies that is chosen for them Read more>>

Shamyra Arnold | Entrepreneur

The thought process behind starting my own business was wanted something for myself and my kids. I wanted something i could call my own and be proud of it. The other part of this was i wanted something natural besides taking pain pills for the rest of my life, I wanted an alternative than medication. Read more>>