Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses. We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Chris Beyer | Aperitif Maker

For me, success is often a moving target, and I’ll probably never feel like I’ve achieved something to the point that I can stop building – I think there are milestones for success. Among them is taking the extraordinary first step to pursue something on my own. Down the road, other milestones include finding joy, satisfaction, and gratitude for what I’m doing on a day to day basis, as well as building something that has a positive impact on peoples lives. Read more>>

Michael Cherek | Photographer

The meaning and definition of “success” is different for each and every one of us, and is a question we all must ask ourselves. For the answer to this question lies within and dictates our daily thoughts, actions and intentions. To me, success is not a competition amongst others, it’s not a battle of who’s the most wealthy, or who can get their name hung up in the rafters. Read more>>

Christina Blodgett | Event Florist

I will preface my answer by stating that I am a big list person. I have notebooks on notebooks of my random lists. These range from the classic “To-Do” all the way to my lifelong goals. Success, for me, is creating a list of goals then achieving those goals by exhibiting self discipline, consistency in your hustle, and showing up for yourself. Most important of those is showing up for yourself. If you do not show up for yourself first, you will not be as disciplined or consistent. Read more>>

Nicole Vieau | Chasing Vieau’s photographer

The definition of success technically is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.. Going just off of that definition I believe we all, at some point, have been successful or had success. I think if you asked me this question a few years ago I would have said you are successful if you have six figures or more in your bank account and you own a home. As I’ve grown and really started to discover who I am and what truly brings me joy everyday, it’s not all about what’s in my bank account, it’s about what I am doing every day that’s filling my cup. Read more>>

Bree Hood | Makeup Artist & Wig Stylist

I define success by the happiness of my customers, my employees, and myself. I know there are points in time that I can not please everyone, however I feel if I put my best foot forward and keep trying; things will become better overall. Read more>>