We had the good fortune of connecting with Savalla Schwenter and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Savalla, how do you think about risk?
Since I’m a kid, I want to achieve things that are not really in todays society seen as “a real Job” or something, but the thing is that I don’t see for example having a degree or something like this as an achievement for my side, maybe for other people it is and I fully respect it. I also have stuff like this, but for me it isn’t one of the greatest achievements I had in my life.

It’s everyone’s choice out there to know themselves what they are made for or most importantly, what makes them happy. For this, somewhere in your life you’ll have a very big probability that you’ll have to risk something and to do sacrifices.

Risk had a great impact on my journey, if I wouldn’t have taken all these risks, I for sure wouldn’t be where I am at now and I’m very aware of that.

Though it is very difficult sometimes when you see most of the people around you going the safe way and you taking all these risks and sacrificing everything along the way.

I did work very hard until now for my musical journey for 4 years now and I’m still not 100 % there.

I had to train my mind to overcome this little voice you have in your head saying “am I sure about what I’m doing ?, am I willing to sacrifice everything for it? am I willing to risk all this ? is it gonna work?

Those risks gave me literally everything I had as goals even more.

I do believe life is a risk the whole time, whether you have a very secure path, from one day to another you can lose everything and this is why my vision of all these risks taken is that you have one life, so why waste it only for security and be unhappy instead of just doing and see what is coming.

In my vision, to take risks you have to live in the present and not in 20 years.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
My name is Adrian, known as “Savalla” in the electronic music industry.

I’m a 24 years old Dj/Producer/Songwriter from Switzerland.

I mostly used to produce Deephouse and Techhouse until now and got signed to record labels of artists such as Don diablo, Hardwell, EDX,… and got support from some of the biggest name in the industry such as Tiesto, Afrojack, …
Next year i will fully be moving in to the Techhouse scene because i found out this is the right way to go for myself
Almost since i’m born, i’m a dreamer, i want to become the best possible version of my self.
Everything started in 2015, i lost someone that was like my brother, my cousin who passed away in a car accident with his girlfriend at age 18.
Before this i had full confidence in my self i really knew who i was.
From that day on, everything changed, i wasn’t confident anymore, was very down and totally lost in my life questioning my self on so many things about life, my future, and what i wanted.
This, is where i started to produce my own music.
I didn’t wanted to have help of a specialist or someone to talk with, i just wanted to be alone and my escape was the music.
I started to gain a very big passion for it, did countless hours in the studio, bought my very first equipement, and worked, worked, worked on my musical skills until i got to a point where i needed help to grow more.
At that moment i decided to look out for the country with the most opportunities for me, and it was the Netherlands.
So with my mate Roschkka we took a flight to Amsterdam so i can visit dj schools and choose where this journey would continue.
I finally found Dj School Amsterdam and went for 3 months of living in Amsterdam.
There, i met Daan my actual manager and Nymfo a very skilled drum & bass dj and producer.
They both helped me with my dj and production skills a lot.
After that in 2019 i went back to Switzerland and with my good friend Krister, we decided to create our duo called “Krister & Savalla” and started to release together.
Our goal was to get signed to Hexagon, Don Diablo’s record label.
We worked super hard together every week and finally started to release on some other labels such as Sirupmusic in Zürich EDX’s label which was good also.
We had a good time working together, but i felt like working as a duo was difficult since you have two opinions and tastes on the music and i couldn’t express my self they way i wanted to creativity wise.
So we decided in 2020 to split the duo and headed to Portugal together for 3 months to both work on our own sound.
For me it was like you start a new life again.
During our time there, i had one song being sent to Bring the Kingdom, King Topher’s label which is part of Don Diablo’s Hexagon.
I really wasn’t expecting to sign a deal there since i started at the bottom with my solo project “Savalla”.
Someday, i was with Krister & Roschkka taking breakfast on the terrace when Daan called me.
I remember if it was yesterday, he just told me “They want to sign it !” , at this particular moment i couldn’t believe this was happening, and i was jumping all around so happy because normally it could take way more months, years even to get signed by someone like this.
King Topher gave me my chance and i am so blessed and thankful to him because he played a big role in launching my career as an Artist.
Then, my motivation to work for my life and project came back.
I started to make more music.
At that time i was in a breakup with a girl i was totally fallen in love with.
Some evening i was a bit down with this, so i made my song called “how you feel” which was talking about our relationship.
The song got shopped again at the labels from Daan.
Everyone declined the record.
I felt like ok, i don’t understand and it was very frustrating.
Between that i came back in Swiss where i worked part time in a ski shop as a salesman.
I was back at my “normal” life and was very disappointed.
And then another call from Daan came in saying “dude, Revealed recordings Hardwell’s label want’s to sign it ! “.
This was already more than the goals i have set my self in the beginning.
I was on the line again.
Working in the ski shop, my friend Melyjones sends me a sketch of a new demo with mexican vibes.
I’m like, dude this can turn out to a very big banger !
The next day, he sends me the project, and i start working on it and did my part in one afternoon with a magical creativity i don’t even know how this was possible my self.
2 days later, we send the track to King Arthur at that time and he was like yo this is super sick ! let’s collab on this one, so he jumped on it also.
This was by far my biggest achievement.
The track came out, reached 200’000 streams by now, got played by Tiesto, Timmy Trumpet, and so many more !
At that time “How you Feel” came out also and made it to 150’000 Streams, got played by Afrojack and more also.
This was the beginning !
Right know people start to book me for shows, i played in a festival alongside very big artists, and also slowly starting my journey in the clubs in Switzerland.
From December 2020 to December this year, i almost made 500’000 Streams on Spotify, in one year.
This is the biggest achievement so far in my whole life !
Today, i feel stronger than ever, i still have ups and downs but this will last for a lifetime so i have to deal with it anyway.
I’m super proud of my self and what i, we achieved so far and i feel stronger than ever to get this whole thing to the next level.
I’m finally starting to find my own style and sound.
Next year we are moving to the Netherlands with my friend Roschkka to get the best out of it and after that maybe in the future we also might move to the United States since the techhouse scene is very developed there.
I’m very confident about my future, and i can only say two things, believe and Hard work, and everything is possible !

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I would say, Schönried is a beautiful village, with mountains and amazing views, t’s very nice for skiing and hiking. Also “La Gruyère” is a beautiful region with nice views, a castle and cheese fondue you definitely should try that.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I want to dedicate this article to my cousin Remy who passed away very young, which was an amazing and very important to me. He was the main reason i started making music, to get my self up again, some people need therapy, i needed music.
Also a big shoutout to my best friend Roschkka who is one of the most important persons in my life, i’m so thankful life gave me a friend like this because i couldn’t dream of a better best made than him.
Shoutout also to one of my best mates Jeremy which has a beautiful soul, my mom & dad for always staying behind me not only for the music, but also my life, and my manager Daan who is there since day one and even if he had to listen to very bad music in the beginning lol, stayed all the way with me and helped me to enter this industry, without him i could have quit 1000 times already.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/savallamusic/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savallamusic/

Other: Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/savallamusic Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/4odhJC3fJ9CtbiEjdu9zgV?si=wFqcbN4MSz2YLV0Nu7o7Cw

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