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Hi Alexandra, do you have some perspective or insight you can share with us on the question of when someone should give up versus when they should keep going?
The term giving up doesn’t translate to failing. Every endeavor I have pursued has provided me with something. All rewards require risk. It has been a process being okay with myself in the event something does not end up materializing in the way I it wanted to. Our society seems to be trending towards the theme of not ever even trying to begin with. I know that if I never even try something new, I definitely won’t succeed in it. Circling back to my initial statement, everything I have tried out, has taught me something. This also applies to friendships, and romantic relationships. To answer your question directly, I know when to call it quits when I know for certain that whatever it is I am devoting effort into, is not longer serving me well. There are pros and cons to pretty much anything in life, except ice cream of course! The effort we pump into things around us, truly impact and sculpt us. It is important to know when to “cut your losses” and move on. Typically, if something just doesn’t feel good, for a long time, it’s probably not something to keep trying to make work.

What should our readers know about your business?
I will describe the most recent brand/ startup I have launched.

@reclaim_lifecoaching. Brands need to be clear and direct, oh and of course be of great quality. @reclaim_lifecoaching currently has 3 individuals onboard. I am the founder & administrator. I focus on lifecoaching. This means, that I create a space that allows my clients to navigate life in a way that makes sense to them. I don’t provide direct advice, definitely don’t advise on medications. But, I am able to help clients identify their wants, strengths, weakness, short and long term goals and much more. My clients and I do a lot of chatting to be honest. I am good at talking. I like talking. I also know when I need to listen. I listen to hear, not to respond. By creating a zone where my clients feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable they are able to share confidential information. This is how change can occur. It typically does occur through work, on both ends. I have two partners. One partner specifically works with clients creating customized meal and work out plans. She doesn’t work or connect directly with clients, other than through Zoom video calls. She has great knowledge on how to navigate the demands of eating healthy foods, while juggling life and other great endeavors. She does things, I could not shine in. My other partner specializes in self care and prioritization. Self care is extremely important, and as much as it has been trending, for me, it hasn’t ever made exact sense. Until I connected with my partner. She values self care because it provides her with a way of serving herself, so in turn she can serve others. All of these services are add ons. This is collaboration. Collaboration is extremely effective. To any audience I may capture via this interview, please follow @reclaim_lifecoaching on Instagram! You will see our website in July live as well. Thanks

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I live in the Pacific Northwest. It is absolutely beautiful. My fiancé and I are foodies. We love trying out restaurants, and revisiting the restaurants we’ve loved! We specifically really like the Ethiopian restaurants in the Seattle area. Every time we have gone to any of the Ethiopian restaurants in the area, it has been divine. I recommend trying the honey wine!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I have noticed that the questions asked in this ShoutOut interview are very well thought out, and leave me, the person being interviewed very engaged. That requires a shout out back to you! I have recently celebrated my birthday, concluding the decade of my twenties. All in all, I must say that whomever said that the “twenties were the best decade ever” were definitely existing on Pluto. This decade was a decade of self discovery, learning, and frankly suffering and hardship. However, all of these things are necessary to grow, so I am eagerly ready for the decade to come. I’ll elaborate on what influences truly carried weight with me, speaking about a person, an organization, and a book. To start, the person of absolute influence was my grandmother. I call her “Grammiii” I had an extremely turbulent childhood in many ways. Thankfully, I was actually raised by my grandmother, uncles, and some other friends. I am very much rooted and connected to all of these individuals to this day. My Grammiii has always been the same person to me. I really love consistency over all. She has never wavered or casted judgment. Grammiii has always pumped me up, and made me feel not just good..: but great about myself. Now of course, there have been scuffles. I am curious if there is a relationship out there that escapes some fights, but Grammiii and I have always been back in action in close to no time at all. Grammiii has always favored me, she also wasn’t shy about making that fact known. This of course created hostility across the board, I inevitably received backlash too, yet neither of us cared to pay it any mind. Grammiii and I have always been us, we have also always been okay with being ourselves. She has taught me so many things, but, I would say the concept that held the most impact was that “I/we have no control. I only have control of myself, and my emotions. In my opinion, this is the hardest thing to understand in life, and I know that I will constantly be working on this. Moving on to an organization of influence, I am selecting my most recent start up endeavor @reclaim_lifecoaching. This entity is in it’s infancy and we are currently building our social media presence. The website will be live this coming July. I am passionate and have great spirit in this startup specifically because of the great art of collaboration. Now, I would like to shine light on the fact that this is not my first small business startup. My first business was in the event/party planning industry. This business was very lucrative, but, it was not something that I wanted to continue doing, simply because I do not like my artistic capabilities being demanded at a specific time, nor care for dealing with the emotions of client. I understand their emotions, events are special and things need to be done correctly. This is literally the reason why event planning does have great potential in general, clients want their events done professionally! I was lucky enough to find an industry that has proven to be a great revenue steam. These included an influencer Instagram account, which focused on self modeling & fitness. That account was very fun, and allowed me to implement my artistic capabilities in both makeup application, modeling, and photography. I have this account still, however it is now a private account. This is something that actually does matter, anything that is sent digitally or posted online, is there for the long haul. It can’t simply be just deleted. As much as society wants to accept people, and whatever they do, this society remains very judgmental and revengeful. Social media is not simple. There are not any specific books or content on the internet that will clearly explain how it works. This is probably because it changes constantly, and that is done on purpose. Things will trend, then they won’t. Algorithms are extremely important; how captions are written matter, hashtaging capture audiences, while creating reels and videos are currently the biggest hits. Oh, emojis, yup, they matter too. You see where I’m going with this. I can just say, I have tried to simply just be myself. I truly don’t have anything else to offer online or offline. Yes, I make it a standard to read, re-read, then read again, and other rules I have personally placed upon myself on how navigate my social media presence, and who I am in the real world. I think rules are good to have, in any scenario. I also think being authentic should rule overall. I’ve learned a lot about social media, web site design, and digital illustration. I enjoy all of this, that is what has landed me now here at @reclaim_lifecoaching. Which is my newest small entity. I’m spirited about it in particular because of the endless content I’m able to create. When things come easily and are fun for me to do, this indicates to me that it’s something I should continue to do. Now, I want to also shine light on the fact that I most likely would not feel how I feel about this newest startup if it hadn’t been for all of the previous ones! Learning, experimenting, and most of all collaboration works. I want all hands on deck. By having multiple people involved I receive so many things I could never do on my own. Insight, new ideas, personal opinions/ perceptions and even their experiences all create valuable and unique content. Not to mention, my by sharing the work load, it allows me, to have more time to broadcast me! I think everyone does things well, I see value in everyone. I welcome questions, compliments, and complaints. I really feel that any information is good information. As a whole, I am receiving the maximum reward with this startup, and obviously I’m excited about it! Statistically speaking I am ramping up more aggressively than any other online social media account in the past, so something must be working! Finally, I will tell you my specific books of influence. I like to read. I like to write. I don’t care for math. This is an example of showing, that everyone has great strengths and of course some weaknesses too. Reading physical books are the best for me. Anything Tony Robbins related I have received definite value from. I have transition periods, which are clearly shown physically in my bookcase. I have read a lot on the concept of controlling my thoughts, how to practice gratitude, interesting topics about health care and pharmaceutical drugs, and even the challenges of mental illnesses. Of course, my bookcase includes ones about businesses, both big and small. To wrap this up finally, influence is huge to me. I feel I am a product of my environment meaning, what I consume I am. The things I eat, material we read, people we keep around me, all impact how I feel. Everything matters so much, even when I think it may not. Influence is everything, but knowing myself, and more importantly trusting in myself determines my future.

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