We had the good fortune of connecting with La Nita Nash and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi La Nita, what do you attribute your success to?
In my 20’s, a friend told me of the time he met Russell Simmons. He was an up and coming fashion designer and had a few minutes with the mogul.

He asked Mr. Simmons one question; “What is the one piece of advice you would give me as a fashion designer”. Russell answered, “Do not stop”.

I’ve held this memory with me for close to 20 years and truly believe it was a planted seed, waiting for proper sunlight and water to sprout. It has sprouted and its name is Align with Plants.

The cultural innovator and founder of Def Jam gave my friend what I now know is the best advice for any business or entrepreneur; just do not stop. It’s such a simple response that many hear it and move on quickly looking for the real “secret” of the millionaires. Though, when we are passionate about what we do and we do not stop doing it, one day we will be known for doing it.

So, for me, the two most vital factors behind the success of my business is:

#1 Plants give me life! I live to help as many as I can reach align with the healing energy of plants and Mother Earth. Serving my community plant-based knowledge, food and herbal products feeds my soul and ignites my passion to be alive!

#2 I just haven’t stopped.

I think Mr. Simmons forgot to mention #1 because he was doing what he loved most and was talking with driven entrepreneurs about their passion, though if we decide to align with our true desires and work to create a living doing these things, ‘not stopping’ becomes our normal.

Why stop something that feeds you and gives you purpose on Earth? Any time I have considered stopping, I turn within and my inner self confirms I am on the right path, doing the right thing. Perhaps I need to activate some flexibility and make changes in my branding or business model, though because I live what I share with my community, it’s easy to find plenty of reasons why I just cannot stop.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Align with Plants is a non-profit organization that works to serve the community practical herbalism and effective Plant-based remedies. As a Steward of the Earth, I feel that it is my duty to spread the healing energy of the plant world with as many as I can. Each of us have a birthright to her bounty, physically, mentally and spiritually. While society tries to figure out where it wants to go next, Mother Earth and her plant family have the real solutions to all of our challenges. My job is to direct my sphere back to her and allow them to reconnect with the one that provides them with everything they need.  I do this through online learning / events, local meet ups, mentorship and through our herbal product line.

Being an unschooling mom of 3 young children and spending a lot of my day at home with them, has created a specific challenge I have to overcome to build my business. I’m not able to dedicate 8 straight hours a day to my brand because my children are my first daily responsibility and so I use the internet to expand my voice much farther than my feet can travel.

This is what sets my business apart from so many other plant-based businesses; I am using social media to freely give away my knowledge to my community and have used this platform to exponentially grow my personal name and brand all over the world. Social media is the best marketing tool we have ever created and knowing how and why you use it can stamp your name as an authority in whatever space you are in. Being at home has created a unique opportunity for me to learn the details of social media. By doing this, I have developed a relationship with Facebook and was invited to be a member of their Leadership Network. I now get insider opportunities, support and tips from Facebook so that I can continue to grow my brand on their platform. And it all started with hosting Plant-based online events!

Through doing consistent live videos on Facebook and sharing my passion with the world for free, I have been able to develop my own voice and confidence. Self doubt is a beast and overcoming this voice has been my most challenging task and my most rewarding one as well. It has set me apart from others who listened to this voice and stopped. I want the world to know that if you have a passion and you have enough time to watch TV, you have the power and the time to build anything you want! We live in a world of abundance! Abundant resources, relationships, opportunity and most importantly SOLUTIONS! Find the solutions YOU need to accomplish the work you feel in your heart. And then DO NOT STOP!!! Never let that little voice inside (and for SURE never let any voice outside) deter you from fulfilling your desires. They are the hints of your purpose and true success here; success is all about how you feel about how you live. So live true to you and don’t let anything stop you!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Since most of my friends are plant-based, we would definitely spend time wild harvesting some of the local native plants like Creosote and Brittlebush and bringing them back to my herb shop in Tempe to make medicine.

We would visit the Desert Botanical Garden and hang out with our friends. I love having a lunch there on the grass, so I would make a delicious plant-based spread with veggies from Ecosuburbia urban Farm in Mesa and fresh micro greens from Phoenix Microgreens.

I would then take my friend to The Sagebrush in Mesa and we would check out the amazing houseplants our friends have there.

I would want to take them to my fav plant-based local restaurants too! So we would for sure visit Cafe Lalibela in Tempe for their vegan Ethiopian dishes and I would for sure want to enjoy a dinner at Giving Tree Cafe in Phoenix! I would order the delicious and super unique Crunch Wrap Supreme!

We would also check out Cosmic Vegans in Glendale on the weekend for a variety of plant-based businesses and food vendors and make sure we stopped by Dulce Vida Coffee in Gilbert to try their Black Charcoal Latte!

A hike on South Mountain, a visit to Fountain Hills fountain and a drive out into old Mesa to see all the citrus orchards too. And although this is not in town, I make sure to take all of my friends to Montezuma’s Castle about an 1:45 away! You can’t visit the Sonoran Desert and not learn about the cliff dwellings of the native people.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Out of all of the amazing humans along my path, there are a few that really stand out as major influencers in my story. I want to take the time out to say thank you and honor my longtime friend and partner, Safari.

Safari and I met when I was 21 in San Diego, CA. As soon as I felt his vibration, I knew we were meant to be friends. We linked up instantly, bonding mostly over healthy food and entrepreneurship. He was the first entrepreneur friend I had that was actively making waves in our city. He owned a clothing line and was currently working on bringing a sprouted mustard to market. His passion for what he loved to do was life changing for me. He was the first person I told my deep entrepreneur desires to and he encouraged me to be myself and think and live different then the rest.

When Safari left California to launch the mustard, I wasn’t sure where our friendship would go, though, now 15 years, 3 children, 2 businesses and 3 states later, I know that my friend Safari is a foundational character in the storyline of me. We have organically yet consciously created a lifestyle that only he and I could really want! One that is especially tailored to fit our specific needs and we now have 3 copies of us in the world structured to do the same.

Our children reflect our greatest commitment to healing as well as to our relationship. It is not always easy or comfortable and our family is as unique as we each are, though the gratitude I have in my heart for the life I have lived with Safari and now our family is beyond my words. I just know it was written in the stars and I continue to decide to show up as best I can in honor of all we have come together to do.

Website: www.alignwithplants.com
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Other: www.LaNitaNash.com Books available on Amazon.com -Transitioning to a Plant-Based Lifestyle – https://www.amazon.com/Transitioning-Plant-Based-Lifestyle-Nita-Nash-ebook/dp/B07MLT5VZV/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=transitioning+to+a+plant+based+lifestyle&qid=1588203455&sr=8-3 -Unschooling Works – https://www.amazon.com/Unschooling-Works-self-directed-learning-homeschool/dp/1982079282 Live Facebook TV Network https://www.facebook.com/TheWUNTV Healing Kitchen LIVE virtual cooking show https://www.facebook.com/HealingKitchenLIVE

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