We had the good fortune of connecting with Rev Paula T Webb PhD and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Rev Paula, what do you attribute your success to?
“You have to be determined to create your own path to success. When you no longer subscribe to what anyone else has told you – about what you can or can’t do, or who you can or won’t be – then you are firmly on your way to achieving your trading and financial goals.” My clients run the spectrum of all work environments including traders entering the game of trading from other careers; with many others still working at different careers while learning how to trade as well. Current and past clients range from secretaries, engineers, doctors, attorneys, carpenters, mechanics, homemakers, caregivers…in other words people with all levels of education and professional experience. Keep in mind you do not have to have any type of advanced degree or business experience to be able to create the mindset of success to achieve and sustain your financial goals! “I combine my desire to teach with an enthusiasm to assist my clients in achieving their highest goals.” In the late 1980s while trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange I met and began assisting Mark Douglas in writing and producing our first book “The Disciplined Trader™” through to its publication in 1990. This first best-selling and award winning book on Trading Psychology – the field that he and I co-created in the late 1980s to assist day traders in achieving their goals – began a lifelong collaboration. We started teaching all levels of traders what it takes to create sustainable prosperity and the life they desire from a mental perspective. In other words to experience the type of success you dream of, you have to think differently from your co-workers, fellow traders, management, family, friends, and anyone else; instilling a new set of thought processes and updated mental attitude. I began coaching the partners and spouses of traders in early 1990 helping them understand the “mindset” of the traders they lived with or were married to. And in 1991, now married to each other, Mark invited me to include his coaching clients when he returned to trading full-time, as well as travel with him across the globe to speak at investment conferences together. Since our first book was published, we have produced other best-selling books geared toward developing a winner’s attitude including “Trading in the Zone™” along with “The Complete Trader” and “Becoming the Disciplined Trader” and “Success without Fear” to name a few. I host one-on-one workshops helping clients understand the unique mental skill set required to manifest their life goals. My books and services have been defined and refined through decades of expertise, personal inspiration, and practical skill sets teaching clients that to become more financially secure, they must first believe in themselves.   My approach to trading psychology has unlocked the door for many traders, and non-traders alike, since the 1980s as one of the “GURUs” (along with my husband Mark Douglas) teaching the concepts of trading psychology in the unknown field at that time that we co-created, within this now popular concept. “The difference between Mark and Paula and all the rest is that Mark and Paula live what they teach.” (Dr. Van K. Tharp) What I am adept at doing is to explore not only the very nature of trading itself, providing practical definitions to common trading terminology but more so, dismissing many of the collective erroneous notions about how the markets actually work, and why they exist, and breakdown common misconceptions of what it takes to become successful. Was this easy? Not really! Many people think you can simply pray, or write down affirmations and their financial dreams will become realized. That may be part of it, but a large part of manifesting your dreams is meditation (or prayer), visualization, acceptance of yourself, and most importantly – giving yourself permission to go after your goals. In my books and workshops I teach that in order to think like a winner and become successful, you have to “know” yourself inside and out. That requires self-reflection and self-acceptance for who you are today – coupled with excitement for you will become tomorrow! Since the 1980s, it became clear to me that knowing yourself, and giving yourself permission to do what you desire, is really the main key to success. With that said, I keep a daily journal, I pray every morning before work, and if I don’t have an answer about what direction I need to go, I simply ask and it is given to me. You may say, that sounds too simple. It is simple. Every answer anyone ever needs will be given to them if they: 1) specifically ask for what they are seeking (not some vague notion of asking for a ‘lot’ of money), and 2) if they are open to hearing an answer from any source. These two items are the most difficult for people to grasp, because it is a new way to approach achieving success, and not necessarily the norm. And, sadly, many people feel they cannot ask God for money based on what they have been taught with their faith. When I come up against a client saying this to me, I suggest they read the book “Acres of Diamonds” by Russell H. Conwell in 1890. Here is a quote to illustrate more fully what I teach: “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.” Meaning, your wealth is already within you – if you but seek it out. Overcome that challenge of self-doubt! That is one of the biggest lessons I have learned in life. And just for information, I have opened – and CLOSED three businesses so far in my life. There is no shame in not succeeding at something, there is only failure if you do not learn from the experience. Keep that in mind! So, whether or not you are a trader, or want to become a trader, or if you simply want to manage your own money for your future, please check out my books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or give my office a call at any time with questions. This is my passion…to help you become the most successful you can be!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
Scottsdale: Talking Stick Resort. Hands down the best Spa in the U.S.; also the best buffet! (They are due to reopen soon) Boulders Resort: just walking and hiking in that area is supremely meditative and healing. Flagstaff: On your way to the Grand Canyon or just spending the day there you have to eat at either the Pita Jungle or the Morning Glory Cafe. We drive up there just to have lunch! Sedona: Mesa Grill at Sedona Airport – again a lovely place to have lunch. Also eat at The Hudson or View 180 – these are all easy day trips, and then do a short hike on the red rock. Again, we drive up to have lunch; and we usually drive up there on Christmas Eve, kind of a tradition now for some years!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Mark Douglas and I co-created the field of Trading Psychology in the 1980s for the investment industry. At that time no one had heard of ‘trading psychology’ as most if not all traders thought that technical analysis was the only indicator to use to make money trading the markets. Over the years, Mark and I traveled to 15 countries teaching traders how to think like winners, and along the way we wrote 15 best-selling and award-winning books on the subject of thinking like a winner to achieve your goals. I credit Mark for staying the course even when it seemed we would never make headway with our vision of providing integrity and success-oriented materials to others through our own experiences and learning. I had many other teachers to bring the spiritual aspect into my work such as authors Mother Teresa, Catherine Ponder, Oswald Chambers, Neale Donald Walsch, Sydney Harris; CEOs I worked with including Perry Orr (Chicago), Dr. Blaine Mays (Mesa), Larry Pesavento (Tucson), and more. Creating and sustaining your personal sense of success is always a collaboration whether from just one quote or a lifetime of learning along with others whose paths you may cross!

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