We had the good fortune of connecting with Sean Hall and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sean, what role has risk played in your life or career?
When it comes to career growth and entrepreneurship you’re bombarded with the term “Risk” constantly. It’s often given a daunting connotation; and in my world of starting businesses from the ground up, people would often say my path is super high risk. I think of Risk a little differently. To me, real “risk” is jumping out of an airplane. Where the downside is my shoot doesn’t open and I get 5 minutes of just waiting to splatter on the ground. Starting a company, where the worst case is that I spend a few years working on something I’m passionate about and learning every single day, only for it to never take off or make any money off of it, really isn’t terrible. For me it would be a bigger risk to not take the chance on something I’m eager to try and risk doing something I’m un-passionate about for years and build up the regret of never taking a chance on myself. Now, I say this knowing it’s a privilege to be able to take that kind of financial risk to not earn and even lose money for years. I know that the risk factor increases the older you get and with the more responsibilities that you have. I started my first company at 22, and knew that I needed so little money to survive. I was very willing to not buy myself anything nice for years, and live off of micro paychecks for the chance to pursue a dream career. I’ve personally kept my businesses low-risk financially speaking, and used each success to level up on the next project. It’s a constant balance of making sure you are not risking your family’s well-being, but quitting a regular job and trying to launch “something” is pretty feasible for most if you’re willing to learn and fail, and then figure out the next move. Now, once you start a business you have to take risks every day. Risks to put yourself out there and risks on your own pride and confidence. Those constant risks of stepping outside of my comfort zone are more difficult than the risk of choosing entrepreneurship for me. If you keep the right perspective on “how much of a risk is this really” and realize that the risk of failing at something isn’t nearly as big of a risk as never trying at all, then going for it really isn’t that risky.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I have started 3 business over the last 8 years, but most recently I have been all-in on my newest project, Wellious. In early 2021 I was dealing with some personal health struggles that lead me to be more health conscious than ever before. This wellness awakening coincided with me running out of Protein Powder. When I checked the label to ensure there weren’t any ingredients I was trying to avoid, I saw that ALL of the ingredients I wanted to avoid were there. I soon learned that 99% of protein powders out there were filled with the same bad ingredients that plague the junk food industry. I needed a truly clean protein powder that still tasted good, and it didn’t exist. After learning everything I could about protein sources, flavoring, and sweeteners, and 100s of recipes in my home kitchen, Wellious was born. I feel confident that Wellious is the best protein powder that exists. It’s 100% plant based, tastes incredible, has the cleanest ingredient list, and naturally contains vitamins and minerals that support overall wellness. Our main ingredient is Almond Protein. A unique ingredient where we remove all of the saturated fat from almonds, leaving you with a super high protein almond per gram and calorie. The almond protein also retains all the vitamins and minerals that make almonds one of the best superfoods in the world. We are growing quick, and it’s definitely because of how obsessed people are with the product. Not only do people LOVE the taste and the clean ingredients, but so many people have said that Wellious is the first protein powder that their stomachs can tolerate, and how good they feel when they consume Wellious. As a startup, or really any stage business, there are endless challenges. The biggest lesson I’ve learned to help myself stay positive and persist through all of the friction of starting a company, is to truly believe in your product. The more you believe in what you are doing, and the more integrity you apply to all parts of what you do, the more you can work tirelessly because you think that it deserves a place in the world.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I’m a very grateful person. I feel exorbitantly lucky to be alive, healthy, and live in a place where there’s safety and opportunity. But there’s nothing I feel more lucky to have than my parents. They are the definition of “unconditional love and support.” They exemplify what hard work and integrity truly looks like. And they instilled kindness and open-mindedness in me that has certainly been pillars of the person I want to be. They allowed me to explore my creativity and interests in a way that definitely lead to me feeling like I can pursue my passions as a career. I like to feel like I’m really my own person, and my ambitions are my own, but so many of my good qualities and talents are direct reflections of theirs. I also have to shout out to the love of my life and my partner. She also brings out the best in me through her own creativity, work ethic, integrity, and kindness. And in our life together, she has been beyond supportive of all of my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Website: www.wellious.co

Instagram: @wellios.co

Facebook: @wellious.co

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