Never give up.  It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right?  We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

jean raclet | photographer

Perhaps that question will find many different answers depending on the type of activity run by the person asked; to me i think the key lies in intensity. Intensity and will. You have to always be curious and interested in what you are photographing. Read more>> 

Ryan Rane” Kraska | Musician & Songwriter”

As a musician and songwriter, I take pride in knowing that all the lyrics I write are inspired by the events in my life. I use music as a way to document the important moments and spread my stories to others. Read more>>

Nicole Eash | MCK Dance Team President

In life, there are a lot of setbacks to face, a lot of challenges, and a lot of situations that impact us. It’s up to each of us as individuals to find that inner strength and keep pushing forward. It isn’t in our motto as a group to give up, we keep pushing forward no matter what we face. Read more>>

Ben Kessel | Digital Media Creator

In a truly aligned endeavor, one’s participation would not be contingent on external success. The pursuit itself would be worth it, regardless of what comes from it. Read more>> 

Dawn Kelly | Professional Photographer

This question is particularly pertinent to the current times we are living in. I am currently rebuilding my business for the second time. The first time was during the housing crisis around 2008. Read more>> 

Alyssa Stevenson | CEO/Founder of Laurusa Mystic

Oh this is a huge question when you are a small business owner, especially a new one. When things get particularly difficult, overwhelming or exhausting I always come back to my original “why”. Read more>> 

Merlin Heras | Crepe Maker

Giving up has never been an option. Has it crossed my mind? Definitely, once or twice. I know that is no the path to success, however. We are a Latina LGBT owned business who have faced many obstacles in the journey. Read more>> 

Codi Smith | Pop Star Singing Sensation

This is a very interesting question because there is no real answer. When you know ,you know. For me personally I have to fight the urge to give up everyday. As an artist, you give a lot. You give more than anyone will ever know. Read more>> 

Adelia Carrillo | Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder at EventHi, Advisory Board Member of ICBWA, Co-Founder of Blunt Brunch

This is a great question and a topic, as entrepreneurs, we need to share more about. Prior to taking on my role as Co-Founder and CMO of EventHi, I launched a company called Direct Cannabis Network. We build a global digital news network catering to the latest tech, startups, and entrepreneurs in Cannabis. Read more>>  

Sterling | The Actual Bigfoot

Never give up! You can change what you do or how you are doing it. You can change course or direction but you must never give up! Find something you are passionate about, something that makes you want to get out of bed every morning and just do it. You have to believe! Read more>>