Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Kara Jensen | Chief Adventure Officer

Be Outdoors Arizona has a mission to get children outdoors and connecting with nature. We already knew that social media was having detrimental effects on kids and bullying has moved from the school yard to the computer. Now with the pandemic for the last 18 months, kids have been cooped up at home, not interacting with friends or making new friends. Again spending time on social media. Being in nature, learning new skills and developing friendships can strengthen a childs self esteem, instill respect for both nature and people. With increasing physical and mental health we encouraging responsible citizenship in kids. Read more>>

David Barker and Barbara Barker N/A | Realtors

My services offer homeowners a way out. I work with homeowners in pre-foreclosure. It’s not at all an easy thing to witness someone’s life fall apart, not only in front of your own eyes, but their own eyes as well. We help our community by listing their property for sale at a competitive price so they can maintain some of their equity. Most people don’t even know that they can relieve themselves of their mortgage in default via Realtor. It’s likely that a bank will work with us because the reality is that it costs a trustee (a bank) money to maintain a home and list it for auction. All it takes is a phone call! Read more>>

Diana Palm | THE LOVE WITCH (Spiritual Healer & Medium)

I provide divine guidance for individuals healing from heart ache associated with a difficult breakup, loss, or even death. As a spiritual healer and medium, I know how to help people shift the energy of suffering through reconnecting them with their higher self and purpose in life. Together, we shift their painful past by finding their soul lessons and clearing victim hood and karma from traumatic events. I teach people how to really experience SELF LOVE so that they can magnetize their soul family and divine life partner. My goal is to help people raise their LOVE VIBRATION so that stay in alignment with themselves and their calling, while feeling empowered and confident through life’s changes. Read more>>

Gissel Guzman | Vegan Chef

Nopalinda believes in Unity and Equality for all. I believe everyone should have access to healthier life styles. My goal is to change how everyone views Veganism one plate at a time. If I am able to change one person’s view they too can help spread awareness. All it takes is one Person after that it’s word of mouth that takes care of the rest. In the process of building my empire I would love to give back to my community as well as helping them in any way i can. I would love for my food to be accessible to everyone. As I continue to grow i can’t help but to always be thankful for the community that always stands behind me. Read more>>

Kevin Marcus | producer, writer, and photographer

I started my current production company, Knowledge Tree Films, in 2014 to create and work on projects that educate people while entertaining them. I majored in cultural anthropology in college, before going on to obtain a BA in tv/film production, and I’ve happily combined both of these life long passions together. Knowing your history is important, and so many people in this country have zero understanding of the times, forces, events, and people who made our society here in the United States what is today. When people aren’t connected, they’re impacted negatively; we instinctually want to belong. We are experiencing an era of extreme disconnect which leads to stress, anxiety, violence, and hate. Read more>>

Kara Rice, MOT, OTR/L | Occupational Therapist | Reflex Integration Specialist

I initially created my business because I knew I had to share this information. More parents needed to know that they could make a big difference in their child’s future by doing simple movements at home. It took me years of therapies and research (not to mention having a Master’s in therapy) to realize I didn’t know the most cutting-edge neurologically-based treatment techniques to help children with developmental delays & learning challenges. If I had didn’t know this information then how would other parents? Creating my business in a virtual world has made it possible that I’m able to help families from all over the world. On a regular basis I talk to families from Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, India, and other countries that have zero access to professional trained in reflex integration. But they are able to learn and see significant gains in their children via our method. Read more>>