We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Amber Cupples | Business Owner & Mom

As a Mom of 2 very independent girls, I believe the best thing my husband and I have done for them is lead by example. Children should see their parents kiss, they need to see happiness and love. We don’t shield them from reality and we have adult conversations with them. We treat our kids like adults and always have since day one, with a little censoring of course. We take them with us to fancy functions so they learn to interact with adults and have proper etiquette. Read more>>

Elizabeth Mabiala | Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

As a parent the most important thing I have done is start a hair business called hairliketami which is named after my daughter, I wanted to create a business for her to take over once she grows up and take it to the next level, she’s only five years old now and she is the CEO of hairliketami. My goal is to work hard to get the business to a place where it’s bringing in good income and when she grows up she already have a business that was started for her to take it to the next level. Read more>>

Briana Riley | Financial Literacy & Mental Health Advocate at Major League Mommy

I think as a parent, one of the most important things I’ve done is teach my kids about money early on. This subject was one that was sort of taboo in my household despite it being such a huge part of all of our lives. And unfortunately, this resulted in me making many poor financial decisions that negatively impacted my quality of life in adulthood. Read more>>

Kristy Cook | Accessible Travel Blogger

We strive to never put limitations on our children. Our youngest son has a form of Epilepsy that does not respond to medication leaving him with daily seizures and cognitive delays. We were told by doctors when he was 2 years old it was unlikely he would ever progress. With hard work and unconditional love he has learned to crawl, climb and he is starting to take his first steps at 7 years old. We travel and find accessible locations so he can see nature from his wheelchair and his siblings can have a life of adventure and never feel held back. One of our favorite quotes as a family is, “If you believe you can you will if you believe you can’t you won’t”. Read more>>

Jessica Klick | Digital Nomad

Given them my time. My husband and I were living a typical life. We were both working, living in a suburban neighborhood, had two kids, and a dog. We built everything we *thought* we wanted, but for some reason it still didn’t feel right to us. Some days it felt like we barely saw our children or we were stuck in this mundane routine that did not bring us joy. That’s when we decided to make some drastic changes. Read more>>

West Eal | Commercial photographer

honestly the answer for me is simple. And is to keep on going! In November of 2019 my youngest boy was taking away from me by his Mother Yoki. Yoki was unexperienced mother and her lack of experience lead to his death. His death was catastrophic for me but for him and my other kids I had to keep going on. There are still times where get down over my lose but for his memory I push on. Read more>>

Sj McClatchey | Gym Owner & Master Trainer

I am a mom to two beautiful little girls (Fanci – 7, Shaq – 5). As a woman who has always wanted to be an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, it’s had its trying times because of this field being very male dominant. As soon as I had my girls I immediately knew I wanted to show them that, not only a woman, but also a mom, can do anything she puts her mind to. Showing my girls that woman have more place in this world than at home or in an office has always been very important to me. We can push through adversity and do anything, including being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, & athlete while simultaneously doing it all very well & successfully. Read more>>

Terri Mlotek | Mom, Sr. Vice President, Influencer, Advocate

The most important thing as a parent that I’ve done that impacted my daughter, was give her the ability to recognize that she was special in all her uniqueness, but no different than anyone else. My beautiful Rena was born with Craniofacial anomalies. In simple terms, at birth she had cosmetic differences which required a multitude of surgeries throughout her lifetime. As a single parent I had two choices, accept what was my beautiful angel in all her glory or, cave to the societal pressure of the lack of norm and retreat into a bubble. Read more>>