Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Eli Vicks | Film photographer based out of New York City

My name’s Eli and I’m a photographer based out of New York and Connecticut. My work consists of medium format film which I process by hand at home. Finding the balance between landscape and portraiture resulting in cinematic / environmental styled portraits have been my favorite part of this medium. I started back in 2019, with the hopes of being as big as some of the artists I admired. I had no idea what “big” or “successful” even meant at the time. In my head, it was just a huge following on social media or an endless amount of supporters. Read more>>

Shequan Palmer | Mrs. Arizona International 2021 & Founder/Owner of Valley of the Sun Pageants

This is such great question, yet so subjective, but I’m totally here for it! This past year has really allowed me the space to truly define success. According to “Webster” success is basically a positive outcome to an accomplished goal; and while that definition is easy enough, perhaps, too easy? (Also, we would then need to determine what a “positive outcome is; sometimes, failing can be the best thing to happen to your goal) I believe there’s a little more to unpack, personally. For me, success isn’t simply just accomplishing a goal for a “positive outcome”. Read more>>

Megan Jore | RN, IV Revival Owner, Men’s Revival Co-Owner

I define success as doing something you enjoy, that affords you a comfortable life and also helps to improve or better the lives of others. Read more>>

Cary-anne Hornsey | Medicine Woman

Success to me is based on how much joy I feel in each moment and the results that my clients obtain. I check in with myself regularly to ensure I am enjoying my work and if not, what is it that is not fulfilling me and what can I do about it. If money is rolling in, but I’m not feeling joy, then I don’t count that as success, as I made a promise to myself several years ago when I left the corporate world that I would never do anything just for money again, it has to also bring me joy….. . Read more>>

Hannah Fontes | Marketing Director, actor, dancer, aerialist, and producer

While most people in the performing arts world define success as Broadway, Hollywood, or the Top 40 Billboard, I define success as the happiness your art brings you. Have you ever been so excited about a project that you lie in bed and choreograph dancers on a stage, imagine a painting come to life, or the emotional impact a play has on its audience? I think success is being personally fulfilled and fueled by the work you are doing, and knowing that your work has an effect on your audience (whether it is a profound impact or even just making someone smile) and creating change in your community. Of course, stability and flexibility within your art are perks too! Read more>>

Kyle Parker | ClipDart Founder/CEO & International Professional Basketball Player

I truly believe that each person has a destiny to be fulfilled during their time on Earth. A person only learns what their destiny is by looking within instead of to others. So, this is why each person has their own distinct destiny. For me, success is not an attainable goal. Success is an ongoing mindset of working tirelessly toward your destiny and having undying faith that your destiny will be fulfilled due to your hard-work. Read more>>