The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Lisa Mullis | Brand messaging specialist (copywriter and business mentor)

I gave up on the idea of work life balance years ago. Balance implies a state of equilibrium and equality among the elements that comprise the equation. Ultimately, it’s an impossible ideal that for many years led me down the road of many sleepless nights, lots of parental guilt, and bouts of comparison-itis. Read more>>

Christopher Low | Children’s Author and Middle School Teacher

When I started pursuing a writing career more seriously about eight years ago, a big part of my motivation was to find a creative outlet that was compatible with the kind of husband and father I wanted to be. I had previously been involved in the music scene, but as much as I loved playing, it pulled me away from home on a pretty regular basis. Read more>>

PUTRID roaches | Welding Artist

Over the past six years of operating PUTRIDroaches I have slowly been diminishing my day job work hours and devoting more and more time towards my small business. It has been excellent. I’ve taken a lot of risks financially and now I am able to only work very small part time hours at outside of my art creations. Read more>>

Tulsy Ball | Mushroom Revolutionary Businessman

I used to work tirelessly, without regard for any balance in my life. That was before I got married 2 years ago and suddenly I had a family. I’m still focused on my work, but I’ve found that the time spent with family and taking the moments to breathe and appreciate life, have made my work hours more effective. That balance improves my connection and communication with everyone in my life, at work and at home. Read more>>