The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Rebekah Jaramillo | Jeweler

When I was in college I worked for Costco. The hours were easy with classes, the pay and benefits were great and it was convenient to home & school. As I got older and responsibilities arose like marriage, home ownership, and a baby, I hung onto the job at Costco because it allowed me to feel safe as I navigated these things that I wanted for my life. I worked for Costco for 23 years and maintained my business the entire time. To make it happen I worked long nights in the basement and weekends at craft shows. When I wasn’t at Costco I was working on my jewelry business. Read more>>

Dannie Redondo | Chef & Food Truck Owner

Many business owners measure success by their profits. Although making money is very important, especially in the beginning when you are trying to build and grow. Most entrepreneurs quickly realize there is a lot more to measuring success. When a business relies heavily on creativity, one can easily suffer from burnout if you are not constantly refilling the “empty cup”. Keeping a healthy balance between work and time off can be tough. Read more>>

Scott Reach | Cannabis professional

For over 20 years I was a cannabis grower who was always pushing forward and innovating and it seemed I was always at work wether it was actual physically being in the grow or managing social media platforms. After the pandemic I realized how much I preferred to spend time with my family and traveling with them. The work mentality has definitely taken a more secondary role to allow myself more time to relax and enjoy life. Read more>>

Alyson Calhoun | Artist and Dreamer

By starting my own business it has allowed me to have a much better work life balance. I can now spend time with my family when I want, I can enjoy life again and do the things I have dreamed of. My family is much happier and so am I. I work harder every day, but the payoff is the memories and time I have with my family now. Read more>>

Christy Campbell | Founder and CEO Fitme Community

I think work life balance is kind of a myth. We can spend time at work, and with our families, but if we aren’t present or intentional it isn’t quality time. As a mom of 3 and running my own business I think a lot about how I spend my time. 30 minutes of attention and conversation with my son is better than 3 hours of us sitting next to each other playing on our phones. Read more>>