The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Taylor Breinholt | Arizona Portrait Photographer

My balance as a photographer has changed in so many ways the last year. In 2019 I decided to pursue my side hobby as a side hustle. So from 2019 to the beginning of 2022 I had to balance my regular job and photography. Read more>>

Alicia Mathews | Artist Manager, Director of Label Operations, Outdoor Enthusiast, Animal Lover

My work-life balance has changed significantly over the past two years. Our company has transitioned into an extremely flexible work from wherever policy that allows our team to work where they are most comfortable. Read more>>

Mara Benson | Co-Owner & Realtor Bliss Realty

For years women did not discuss their children at work, this remind bosses that we had a personal life or needs outside the office and could be seen as a weakness. It has been slowly changing, slowly. Read more>>

Chef DeeJay Ferguson | Personal Chef/Caterer

I used to think work centric. If it wasn’t making me money it wasn’t for me. I was burnt out, out of shape, and dealing with ailments I had no idea I had. I had worked myself into bad health. Now, my life and work have found a coexistence. I now spend more time taking care of myself and family versus constantly being “on the grind”. If I’m not at my best, how can I be at my best for other people. Read more>>

Caleb Riutta | SEO Professional | Web Designer

Most entrepreneurs have had the same issue: work-life balance. Instead of working 9-5, if you own a company many times, you need to work until the task is finished. This can cause you to work late and leave you too drained to participate in life. Read more>>

Tierney Chesser | Tattooer, Artist and Dental Hygienist

Work life balance has always been something Ive struggled with. Generally I’m someone who loves to work, create, and have several hobbies in addition to my day job(s). I am formally educated with a BS in Dental hygiene with a minor in biology and currently I work three days as a registered Dental Hygienist. Read more>>