To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

Ella Martin | Valley Hairstylist

I have found myself stuck at a crossroads with this issue a few times in life. On one occasion after very suddenly being asked to leave the salon I had called home I was scrambling to do damage control for the whole situation. I cried uncle, applying for any good ole 9-5 desk job I could find. In the sadness of that moment I thought it was just time to throw in the towel. Maybe I needed to just suck it up and attain what I thought was a big kid job. Applications and resumes were sent out followed by a few sad emails thanking me for my efforts, but letting me know that no offers would be extended. Although the path seemed very unclear, I knew in my heart me and hair were not finished just yet. After my car accident a few years back, I was left with unresolved back pain. Although most days I can push myself through, In general My body’s capabilities just feel so limited. Read more>>

Patrick Gibbons | Designer & Business Owner

NEVER give up. That isn’t an option. Aut inveniam viam aut faciam. Owning my own business has not been easy. There has been quite a bit of struggle over the last twelve years. There are much easier ways to make a living, however I wouldn’t trade it. It is an incredibly fun and rewarding ride. Read more>>

Hector Ortega | Multidisciplinary Metals Artist

When it comes to those tough times when it seems like it would be easier to quit. That’s usually the signal or the test of perseverance of commitment of your craft, it’s where the most gains are made most aren’t tangible but in the grand scheme the tangible things rarely matter. Read more>>

Angel Sanchez | Photographer & Dermatology Medical Assistant

I have had a love of photography since I was a little girl. I always want to capture the moment because you don’t know what the future holds especially with everything going on in the world right now. I do struggle with giving up or to keep reaching for my dreams. I love what I do as a side business. I am hoping to make it a full time career one day but for now I keep making memories for myself and everyone that I get in front of my camera. Read more>>

Joseph Podlesnik | Visual Artist and Educator

I suppose, when I still have questions to ask about certain subjects/genres, through an art form or art medium — working toward personal experience, not just conventions or formulas. Read more>>