We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Teri Adam | Pilates Studio Owner & Breast Cancer Fitness Coach

Throughout my career, I always played it safe, being recruited into positions that I thought made logical sense based on my skills, experience, and natural progression. But taking a risk played a huge role in starting my Pilates studio and coaching business. While starting a new business can be risky, I think mine was more of a calculated risk. I believed in starting small and going slow, which was an essential part of building and organically growing my business. Read more>>

Hailey Aitkins | Destination Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer

Risk-taking is everything. Yes, you can be calculated and make plans and goals, but you must be committed to taking risks if you’re going to survive and succeed at being an entrepreneur. You can only plan and control so much of your life and your business. I remember thinking to myself when I finally went online to register my business, “This is it. I know I will fail. I know I will make mistakes. But I don’t care. I trust that it will all be worth it and I will figure it out when I need to.” Read more>>

Varvara Prokhorova | Professional Cross Country Skier and Ski mountaineering athlet, World Champion in Spartan Race. Personal coach.

I am very familiar with risk. I am fond of mountaineering and cross-country skiing. We regularly find ourselves in risky situations in our sport. Once I even fell off a mountainside. I was saved by the fact that I had an ice ax and I skillfully used it. Just as I am a creative person, I often have to make risky decisions, I do not always know exactly where they will lead. But I like the phrase: “Once you risk, you can stay happy for life”! Read more>>

Preston Richardson | Realtor & Hiking Influencer

I see myself as a “Risk Optimist.” I explore the value of the risk, opportunity of the risk, and believe the risk is worth taking a chance. When I had decided I wanted to get my real estate license, I didn’t even have enough money in my bank account to cover the cost of going to real estate school even though I had a full-time job in education. I knew my options were limited but I found a 0% interest credit card up to $1,000 for 12 months and decided to take the risk. Read more>>

David Freese | Photographer

There are probabilities for success or failure associated with every aspect of life. I probably think about risk/reward more than the average person although I cannot be 100% sure about that – see what I mean? Our mothers told us not to run with a pair of scissors in our hands to prevent injury just in case we fell even though the probability of that happening is quite small. Read more>>

Shelly Albetta & Betsy DiGiovanni The Property Twins | Luxury Real Estate at All Price Points

Everything amazing that has ever happened to us (and for us) involved taking calculated risks. Moving across the country from NJ to AZ without a set plan, was both terrifying and gratifying. Looking back, it sent us on a new life trajectory we would have never been on had we not taken that leap. Quitting our cushy corporate sales jobs followed, and we dove head first into our real estate journey. From there, The Property Twins was born. 3 years later, we are living our dream as entrepreneurs, thriving both mentally and financially, and in the best place we have ever been. Read more>>

Leigh E. Bicica | Theatre Artist & Freelance Writer

I have always felt strongly that risk is essential to theatre. Risk is built into the very fabric of it. The actors must risk walking on stage, vulnerable, in front of a crowd of strangers with the hope that they’ll get what the play is trying to say. Actors also have to take huge risks in trusting their director and fellow actors. But more than that, if you aren’t taking some sort of risk with a play, ie., risking alienating your audience, pushing your artistic team, then what’s the point? Read more>>