We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Arizona Jones | Adventurer | Photographer | Filmmaker | History Buff | Entrepreneur

When I first started Arizona Jones, my focus was simple: to share my work (photography and video). I didn’t aim for anything greater, because I didn’t know I could. As I’ve grown in my work, however, my goals have evolved—the most important, perhaps, to teach and inspire the next generation. To see children excited to learn about our state and its history, and beyond, is highly rewarding. Read more>>

Arya Mazanek | CEO & Founder of Wilderwise Homes

Wilderwise designs and builds two-story, modular, lightweight, off-grid capable tiny homes on wheels. Our vision is to create a cleaner planet and a brighter future for its people. With Wilderwise, we want to make home ownership accessible to the masses, not only to the rich; we want to spur an evolution in the way people live, responsibly and in stewardship to the planet; Read more>>

Marlena Freeman | Life coach , fitness trainer

318 strength and conditioning training is more then getting “just a trainer” . You are getting a life coach, trainer , support system and most of all “LOVE”. When I was a Sergeant in the force I learned the values of a good support system. While teaching 30 man academy’s. I saw the impact I was making by speaking life into the unfit new cadets . I took my time with them and I saw once their mind was on board the body followed ! I named my business after my sergeant call sign when I was on the force . Read more>>

ABAgail Dunn | Belly Dance Instructor, Meditation/Reiki Instructor, Spreader of Joy

I offer a safe space for people to come and dance. I’ve also added a meditation and Reiki class and studies have shown that when people get together and meditate in large numbers, it brings peace and prosperity to the area. I have brought joy to so many ladies over the years, ladies that are just looking to get out and move and learn something new. Overall, by bringing affordable and fun classes to the South Phoenix area, I have expanded my own horizons and that of many others. Read more>>

Andria Parra | Owner, BinLyfe

Our business helps the community by not only discounting essentials that families need but by also donating often. We choose a charity every month to support and also have a BinLyfe community page where customers can let us know about their needs and also promote their small Businesses! We launched binlyfe right when the “lockdown” happened so we created a positive pivot by simply asking ourselves what do people need right now and how can we serve? Read more>>

Brittany Palma | Owner and Designated Broker- 1st Heritage Realty

Being owner and Designated Broker at 1st Heritage Realty gives me access to a leadership role inside the office and in our community. Every home sold, I ensure we donate to an organization. We sponsor several youth sports teams, stay active with animal and environmental focused missions, women empowering women, and we sponsors families in need during the holidays. I use my real estate success to serve my community with time and financially. Read more>>

Marsha Ward | Novelist

I write fiction. My books reflect my goal that strong families and family members can and should be inspirational to individuals who read my works. If my readers each do one good deed every day, or reach out to help one person in need, the impact of my words can be global. Read more>>