We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

D’angela Turner | Salon Owner/ Educator/ Award Winning Author

Main purpose of Beauty I Am Inc. and goal of the business is to help advocate, educate, uplift and aid women, children and men, that struggle with beating life’s adversities. Those struggling with edition, depression, disease, low self-esteem, life after incarceration, domestic violence, or abandonment. Read more>>

Ashley Haxby | Owner + Lead Photographer

Boudoir is such an intimate form of photography. In short, you’re asking an artist to show you what they see, which is, of course, incredibly vulnerable. The gift of boudoir is stepping out of your own perception of yourself and into another perspective. My studio is intentional in all that we do; the experience we offer is about so much more than the images we produce. Read more>>

Jordan Helmey Vinck | Holistic Health Coach

Diet culture is everywhere. It’s all around us, even the things we say that we have been conditioned are normal. But it’s not normal to cut out entire food groups or to tell yourselves you need to earn food by working out, or telling yourself you were “good” this week for exercising every day and eating salads. Read more>>

Amber Mikesell | Founder of Suivera

Suivera is a grass roots effort to create a global movement of love. We were established as a non-profit all-faiths organization in late 2018, breaking into our global reach effort in 2020. Since then, we’ve reached over 1.1 million members in 86 countries right here from Scottsdale, AZ — and we’re continuing to grow at a steady pace. Read more>>

Mitch AKA TWOOFF | Twitch Partner

How does my streaming business help the community or the world? Positivity, good vibes & good times! I worked really hard to build a space that not only provides entertainment, but also a strong community where everyone feels good. A place where people can hang out after a long day of work or school & everyone knows your name and welcomes you, like Norm from CHEERS!! That goes a long way, especially on the internet! Read more>>

Who I Am Foundation | Non-Profit Organization

Our amazing volunteers coordinate and conduct multiple projects each week, in multiple cities and states. Outreach projects and community events. A vast array of outreach which includes distributing essential necessities to the homeless and less fortunate, implementing our Youth Enrichment Program into elementary, middle, and high schools, hosting a number of youth projects and events, cleaning up the community by picking up litter and planting trees and flowers, playing games or doing craft projects with the elderly, life empowerment and various life skills classes, and so much more! Read more>>

Kat Tomasewski | Blogger & Freelance Writer

It is my hope that the personal experiences I share on the blog, Mom on the go in Holy Toledo will influence, encourage, and inspire others. Whether it be to travel, explore the local surroundings, get more involved in the community, or speak up for themselves and others when injustice occurs. Read more>>

Valerie Rupp | Executive Director and Trails & Park Devotee

Trails connect people to nature, to shared history by allowing us to walk where others before us have walked, and to one another. Designed to provide convenient outdoor recreational opportunities for all, National Trails physically connect public lands, traversing all 50 states and some of the most iconic natural and historic places in the U.S. Read more>>

Helen Brenner | Helen Brenner, MS, ELI-MP | Coach Specializing in NLP in Hypnosis & EMERGE

I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, bullying and “terrible” life choices. I spent decades in therapy and always felt something was missing. Throughout the time spent with 17 different mental health professionals from social workers to psychiatrists, I continued to feel empty, broken, and still hurting. Read more>>

Aboli Mutha | Home, Design, DIY & Content Creator

Primary objective behind my page has always been empowering women and enabling them tackle home improvement projects on their own. This, clubbed with my passion to create and share with others has helped serve my purpose. Read more>>