Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Christine Vartanian | Personal Style Expert & Business Styling Consultant

I live and breathe a creative lifestyle. My prior careers were not in the creative space at all, rather they were quite technical. I am a civil engineer and an attorney, turned Personal Style Expert & Business Styling Consultant and founder of jade. HOUSE of STYLE. You can say I took the scenic route to my now career. After practicing law for five years out of law school, I decided to stay home and care for my children as a stay-at-home mom. During these ten years of being at home with my children, I witnessed so many of my peers, other moms, depleting themselves in the name of doing it all for everyone in their lives. Read more>>

Amber Phillips | Party Planner

There were two reasons we started our own business. The main one is because of my nephew Weston. Weston was born with a rare genetic disorder called 4H leukodystrophy and requires several different therapies a week. Because of his crazy schedule my sister, Ashley, can’t work a regular 9-5 but still wanted to contribute financially to her family so being able to make her own schedule was the most important consideration. Read more>>

Brian Marshall | Founder & C.E.O/President of The Clear Water Project Inc.

I’m a full-time worship leader at a well-known church in the Phoenix, AZ area. Weekend after weekend I was continually asked what my real job was. This was startling to me because I had worked very hard for 17 years to reach this point. None the less, it made me believe I could do something more to impact the world around me. Especially due to the fact that I was blessed to come into contact with thousands of people each weekend. Read more>>

Louie Tomaro | Architect

I grew up in a family where my father was a builder. From a very young age I knew that I loved seeing projects come to life during this building process. I also realized that designing these structures gave opportunity to see ones vision become reality. It was this love of designing and building things that allowed my vision to start my own business. I believe if you love what you do, you will be successful at it. After graduating from architecture school, it was straight path towards owning my own business. The business was started in 1991 after I moved to California from my hometown of Ohio. Read more>>

Kelsey Garner-Alexander | Small Business Owner

My husband and I are both artsits, I have a clothing business, and he is a touring musician and we both have the entrepreneurial spirit. We have wanted to start an arts fair that supported the community and showcased all of the amazing local artists we have in Arizona. The purpose of this fair is to support artists while bring the community together. Read more>>

Angela Helene | Travel Advisor with Majestic Travels Inc.

i have always been an entrepreneur. I have sold Avon, Mary Kay and these are great independent businesses for a great start in understanding how to manage you business. I have also taught entrepreneur classes to middle and high school students. I love to travel and and I have a cousin who introduced me to the idea of becoming a Travel Agent! This business has coe with so many opportunities, including saving on my personal travel and will perhaps so allow me to retire as a full time instructor. Although I currently work my Travel Business part-time, I love it and hope to do it full time soon. Read more>>

Alexa Rivera | Body Sculpting Specialist

I wanted to create employment for my self, I used to work in my city ER and I loved it but that job didn’t really worked for me or my family. So that’s when the idea started about the body sculpting businesses. I started to look into it more, watch a ton of YouTube videos, tutorial, testimonials everything you name it… and I was sold! I believe in it first hand and had the treatments done so I could reassure and relate to my future clients. Next thing and the scariest part for future business owner I invested all my savings, took a leap of faith and hoped for the best. I was really excited and I connected that with my potential clients through social media that really helped me when building my clientele. Read more>>

Johnny Tran | Business Owner

I was working a 9-5 job at the time when my girlfriend got laid off from her job. We are both dog lovers so she decided to start dog walking then that led to pack walks. From there she grew her business and started dog training. I on the other hand have always been good with cars. I grew up building race cars and figured why don’t I get into off-roading and overlanding since I love to hike and love nature. This is where our we joined forces while my girlfriend takes care of the dog training and I do all the planning for camping adventures where we take our clients and dogs for a weekend campout. To help owners build a relationship with their furbabies and give them an introduction on camping off grid where we practice leave no trace and tread lightly. Read more>>

Betty Battle | Birth Doula & Reiki Master

This is a good question! I have two businesses, a birth doula business and a Reiki business that my husband and I both run. Both of them started as passion projects and naturally unfolded into businesses. Working in corporate America, being away from our kids and trading our time freedom for a paycheck wasn’t working for us. We both knew we wanted to work for ourselves and do something we love. One of our mantras is “we are making an impact while making an income.” Read more>>

Amber Prince | AR Workshop Tucson Owner & Nurse

My husband was the leading force in starting this business. 2020 there were many changes for everyone, and my family was no exception. My husband was furloughed from his job, without any idea as to when he would be brought back. I was working full time for a local fire district. My husband began to look for job opportunities and he thought that a business that he could still assist in managing once he went back to his regular job would be ideal. Read more>>

Gillian Behnke | Event planner and speaker

My initial thought process was that Mom Camp needed to happen, and if it didn’t already exist, I needed to create it. I was in a particularly stressful time of life and work. One morning on my drive to work following a big argument with our son at home, I had a vision of a cabin in the woods, where I could eat amazing food and drink great wine, immerse myself in personal development, and take care of me. I thought “I want to go to camp,” and immediately, I said out loud “MOM CAMP.” Read more>>

Tatum Nies | Lash Educator & Master Lash Artist

I always knew I’d be my own boss someday, however I didn’t expect for it to happen so soon at the age of 22. I was working for a company where I learned how to do lashes, and I LOVED it there… until I didn’t. Unfortunately my first experience in the beauty industry wasn’t a great one. Over the course of my first year doing lashes I was very unhappy in my work situation. To the point where I had to put myself in a position where I had NO CHOICE but to create my own business. It was 2017, the Tuesday after Christmas, and i quit cold turkey. I had NO plan, and I took 10 days to game plan my next move, I purchased products, rented my own space, and slowly Get it Girl Lashes was created. Read more>>

Evelyn Mays | Online Health and Fitness Coach

To put it plainly, the thought of getting a 9-5 desk job scared me more than the thought of starting a business and working for myself. I was in my senior year of college when I started the business and I had more time at home due to “Zoom University”, so I hired mentors and learned how to start a coaching business in my free time outside of class. I didn’t know how long it would take me to start making money, all I knew was there was no way I was going to start applying for career jobs even being just a few months away from graduating. By removing the option of a safe, salaried job, I absolutely had to make this work. Read more>>

Niels Kreipke | Real Estate Developer, General Contractor and Restauranteur

26 years ago when I moved to Chandler I was exploring to find unique restaurants and to my surprise there were only corporate chains. So I decided to spearhead the effort to have local concepts with mom and pop operators. I came across downtown Chandler which had been boarded up for over 30 years and thought this was the perfect place to create a destination restaurant and entertainment area. I met with the City and some property owners and moved forward with the effort to creating a vibrant area. Read more>>

Parsa Rokhsat | Travel agent

Before I started my business, I created a business strategy to assist me meet my objectives. For me, the company’s customer service is essential and I wanted to produce an experience that the buyer would cherish. An organization which constantly fulfills the customer’s expectations. Read more>>

Erin Newman | Paper Quilling Artist

When I first started paper quilling, it wasn’t so much about a business, but a way to keep me busy post-career and into retirement. My initial approach was to learn a unique creative art that was also portable, as I wanted to take it with me. We had purchased an RV and ready to take on the US with lots of miles ahead of us. As the passenger, I knew I needed something to keep my hands busy throughout those miles. Paper Quilling was the creative art that jumped out at me, and took me by surprise. Read more>>