We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Tommye Jordan | AHA Training Center Manager/Entrepreneur

“Stay in your lane” Read more>>

Winona Brown | Artisitc Sign Maker

“Go to college and you’ll be successful” But what happens when that doesn’t work out? We fins our wat and we succeed! I was told I would never make it in the artistic field. I was told to take all my basic classes and find a reasonable career. I took classes and couldn’t really find my place. Being an artist is like taming a wild Lion. You may laugh at that statement but its very true. Creative thinkers are always thinking outside the box. We look for freedom in self expression. Although I do agree school is important, I don’t think being places in a box is healthy for artists. We need freedom to design, to make and create beauty! I grew up in a very structured environment. I was a competative gymnast and didn’t see the world as most children. I didn’t have much time for self expression. I was over run with rules, time frames and schedules. As I got older I found myself going to the compete other side. As an early adult I searched for something without rules. That is when I decided to start a business. No experience and honestly not much of a plan, but I went with it! I learned so many things. I met so many amazing people along the way. Read more>>

Amanda Lynn Johnson | Artist, Nature Enthusiast, & Small Business Owner

Immediately, the advice “practice makes perfect” comes to mind. Most of us have been told this at some point in life. Maybe it was when we were a child practicing our ABC’s or as an adult learning to play an instrument. Some of us have been told more than others, but I disagree with that advice. Who defines perfection to begin with? Perfection is a subjective social construct that varies in definition from person to person. The concept of perfection creates pressure. We feel as though we may never be able to live up to these standards. This saying is intended to encourage us, however, it can make us feel vulnerable towards something that we may have been excited about before. The pressure to live up to perfection can be so daunting for both children and adults alike. Read more>>