We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

April Bachman Leonard | Artist & Collaborator/Space Sharer/Host

That one must seek a formal education, or degree, to do something greater. I’m so glad that I’ve stopped buying into that. I think the secret is to remain curious. And, to become really comfortable with being a beginner. Then, find people that are doing what you are wanting to do and show up. Slide into their DMs, join their group, take a class, or 100. There’s a lot of ways to specialize and to piece it together for yourself. Believe you can. Know you can. Celebrate that you will always be learning and growing. Read more>>

Ella Gordon | Travel Consultant & World Traveler

The absolute biggest piece of conventional advice I disagree with is the advice most American young adults are given before they’re even 18 years old.“After you graduate high school, go to college, buy a home, settle down, start a family.” This might come across sounding bitter toward those who have followed that path; I preface this by saying I support anybody who has and am happy if that’s what’s allowed you to create a life you love. Read more>>

Kassie Duke | Small business owner and mental and physical health advocate.

One piece of conventional advice that I don’t agree with is that you always have to be okay, and hide your emotions. That show up, and fake it till you make it attitude. I think that this is incredibly unhealthy and can affect your health mentally and physically and make it hard to create personal boundaries. Acknowledging your emotions and attitude and taking the time off you need to take care of your self can be quite beneficial. Read more>>

Jawn Angus | Online Running Coach

“No pain, no gain”. While I agree that hard work pays great dividends, we don’t have to bury ourselves to see great results. I have seen so many athletes over the years that think pushing through an injury to finish a workout, or getting 4 hours of sleep and pushing themselves to the limit is the way to achieve their physical goals. Burning the candle at both ends will just leave us burned out – often in the form of becoming overstressed and injured. With physical fitness, we see our improvements after we recover. Read more>>