Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Eric Laws | Sound Mixer – Composer – Musician

My lifelong passion of Music & Film inspired me to develop professional skills in the art of Multi-Media production.I had been self-employed for many years, but once I created the business name/brand “Sound Laws LLC” it was much easier to promote professional services, instead of feeling like I was just promoting myself. In the media world, equipment can often be labeled with your department “Sound” followed by your last name “Laws”, a friend of mine in the Record Industry (Dan Lauricella) noticed this labeling. He made a suggestion that Sound Laws would be a great business name, & it stuck. Read more>>

G Golec | Fashion designer

Initially it was just a hobby. I enjoyed creating items from disused materials and would do it for fun, making gifts for friends or decor for festivals. When I started making little leg-chain harnesses from tractor rubber and realised it was popular, that was when I saw business potential in the idea. From there it just grew and grew Read more>>

Azadeh Purvis | Coffee shop owner & teacher

“What was I thinking!?”, is what I was thinking the whole first year! My husband has owned his own business for over a decade and I went from being his marketing director to learning the business in 2020. Staying home when you own a business was not an option during that time so I jumped in to help in any way learning a lot about the business. When the space for Sidewalk showed up, we had 24 hours to make a decision so I jumped in, signed paperwork, and learned along the way. Read more>>

harmony fulton | gooder goods owner

THIS WILL BE AWESOME!!! That was the unicorn in me talking. My inner unicorn was not at all aware of the time, work, energy and relentless effort it would take to start and grow gooder goods. Which is probably good because if I would have had foresight about those things I may have been too intimidated to start. Instead, my heart said YES!! and then my mind and body got moving. Read more>>

Carrie Klaus | Yoga Instructor & Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

I graduated from Yoga Teacher Training at a time when there were very few options for teaching yoga in my area, so I took a position teaching at a studio that was about a 30 minute drive from my home when there was no traffic. Generally, yoga teachers don’t make a lot of money, and after awhile I could no longer justify the long commute and the extra time away from my family (I had two young children at the time). After taking a break from teaching yoga I realized how much I missed it, and since there weren’t opportunities to teach in my local community I knew I needed to create my own opportunities. Read more>>

Robert P | Family & Men’s Mental Health Advocate

I wanted to create a brand to help show mens vulnerability through religion, marriage, and family. I want to motivate men to be real about their feelings. To show that it’s okay to feel your feelings. There are community of women content creators is strong and there are many out there supporting each other. That is what I want to bring to the mens community. I wanted to create a space where men can be open about their feelings and express their anxiety without feeling judged. I felt that we needed more voices in the mens community to speak up for one another. Read more>>

Will | Founder of Paddly

The idea behind Paddly was from a problem that I faced frequently as a paddle boarder who travels a lot. I found it really difficult to find paddle boarding spots when away from my local area. With my background in marketing and web development, I knew that there was an opportunity to provide a better platform than the others which are available. Read more>>

Chelsea Robinson | Content Creator

First off, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this interview! I’m thrilled to be here! When I first started taking Fig and Scout out on adventures (which was immediately after we brought them home) and started posting on social media, I actually never considered at that time that this could actually be my career. It was just a fun hobby. Read more>>

Chris Nolan | Owner at Matte Black Camera Rentals

I was managing a local rental company during Covid. We had laid the entire staff off in my dept. At the same time I had been trying to buy a house. After being out bid on several houses, I realized that I could use that money to start a business. While running the rental company by myself, I realized I could do this by myself. I started looking around and investigating my options and tons of research. (over 6 months) I decided to open MBCR. Read more>>

Erin Beck | Artist and Merchandise Designer

I’ve always admired seeing other people working hard to make their art a business, but I didn’t think I was up to snuff. With Imposter’s Syndrome rearing its ugly head, I tried hard to find a day job I cared about. Call centers, vet clinics, warehouse jobs. Nothing stuck. Along came the pandemic. In July 2020, I caught COVID19 despite doing everything right. Ever since, I’ve never been the same. You see, I picked up a souvenir called Covid Longhaul, a post viral condition that doctors think is caused by a virus tearing apart the body as it leaves the system. Read more>>

Debbie Gallerani | Mixed Media Artist/Sculptor

I have owned my own business since 1995 in the graphic design field. At the time, I had the experience and skill to build my business after several years of working as the Senior Art Director at a top ad agency in Palm Springs, and for Palm Springs Life Magazine. Having worked for large corporations, running my own company allowed me to have full control of my time, and the ability to give my clients excellent service, without the stress of mis-management issues and general office politics. 20 years after starting own my graphics business, I decided to switch to fine arts to alleviate the onset of carpal tunnel. Read more>>

NICOLE MAICAN | Resin Artist & Elementary School Art Teacher

The idea of my business emerged during the pandemic. I had a career working as a visual merchandiser for Anthropologie for over a decade. I loved creating art daily, merchandising the product and connecting with customers; sharing all of the ideas, inspiration, but most of all encouraging others to get involved with art! Problem solving is my favorite art form. Figuring out how to incorporate everything I loved about retail into my own business was a challenge, but a fun one! Read more>>

San Martin Rodriguez | Local entrepreneur, Local Resident, Home Grown…

Our community was in need of a local information hub for entertainment and local breaking news and knowing that it was changing from paper to digital I decided now was a good time to do so. Already having a leg up on the competition I knew it would take off quicker than any business I have been a part of. Read more>>

Nicholas Pellegrino | Former SERT Corrections Officer & NRA Firearms Instructor

The thought process of starting my own security company was giving security new image. Knowing the threats out there, and living in todays society I was unable to enjoy family events or going out. I have worked in security for years and I know the quality of people some of these companies hire I didn’t feel any safer when I saw security. Read more>>

Jessica Cherry | Fiber Artist

Well, I didn’t start out wanting my craft of crochet to be a business, it was originally just going to be a small hobby, and something I loved to do on my down time! I learned to crochet from my mom at a young age, maybe around 8/9 years old. I learned just the basics, small chaining and then set my yarn and hook down and didn’t pick it back up for many many years! Read more>>

Mary Gavan | Artist & Photographer

Being creative has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was working a day job that provided steady work hours and a paycheck but lacked the ability to nurture my creative side. So I quit my job. I felt determined to spend the rest of my life doing what I love and making a living at it. College seemed a little out of reach financially, but without a job, it was an opportune time, so I enrolled in art school and worked part-time. Read more>>

Laura Johnson | Bust’DD Co-Founder & Expert Bra Fitter

One day as I was watching lecture videos for my entrepreneurship class in my MBA program, I had a thought that I’d been personally frustrated with larger cup bras for years and assumed someday the market would catch up. Years later it still had not. I thought to myself, hey, I’m smart and I obviously understand the gap and issues in the market, why can’t I do something about it? Women wearing D cups and larger have a hard time finding affordable bras that do the job they need while looking attractive… Read more>>

Amber Goetz | Business Growth Consultant

I saw a need in 2020 to make a dramatic switch to what I offer to my clients and prospective clients. Prior to that, I had always marketed myself as a web development company. In 2020 I realized so many folks needed help jumping from a home-built site to offering their services digitally and leveling up their already existing digital presence. Most business owners don’t have those skills and can only get so far on their own. Read more>>

Mark McCloskey | Real Estate Broker and Outdoor Advertising Specialist

For the first decade of my time working, I always worked for someone else. i.e. I was not the boss. Over time I became very tired of watching poor decisions get made despite my protestations. Finally, after my last company declared bankruptcy, I declared to myself that I would always be my own boss. Read more>>

Carla Thompson | Needlework Artist & Business Mentor

Wow! Great question! I wanted a business where I could support myself as an independent mature woman, and I needed to have the flexibility to work my own hours to deal with chronic health conditions. It had to be something where I could use my natural talents and abilities and it had to be something that fueled my soul and made my heart sing when it brought a smile and warm fuzzies to others. Read more>>

Jill Whalen | Women’s Hormone Health & Fitness Coach

It’s somewhat of a surreal experience for me that I actually own my own business! I know there are people who have always dreamed of it, but that wasn’t the case for me. I had a job that I loved…I loved what I was doing (training clients and teaching classes), my boss, my clients, and my class members were all amazing. Starting my own business wasn’t never really on my mind. In fact, if you had told me 4 years ago that I would have a virtual personal training business I would never have believed it, nor would I have believed that I’d be coaching women on hormone health. But a confluence of factors happened that led me down the path. Read more>>

Erica Short | Co-Owner

My mom and I have been lifelong crafters and have always had a love for making beautiful things. Like many other small businesses, ours was officially founded during the Covid pandemic. In a time of uncertainty, we wanted to bring joy through handcrafted tumblers to others. We also wanted to supply other crafters with high quality, premium glitters to use in their own creations. Read more>>

Dana Davidson | Reiki Master Teacher / Intuitive

My thought process behind starting my own business started with the the thought “What the hell am I doing?” Then “I have no idea where to start first” and eventually came to the thought “I am divinely guided, I will be perfectly fine” There were many times in between that first thought and when I finally created by website and brand, and started working on clients, that I had questioned myself and my path. But I was always given signs that I was moving in the right direction. I knew that I was/am where I am supposed to be, and that I am the ONLY one that is going to make this happen. Read more>>

Trelly Mack | Music Artist & Entrepreneur

Hard Labor started as a artist and development music label. The original goal was to help music artist learn the ropes of creating a music career. After a few years of service the business started to not go so well. In hopes to recreate the brand I started branding the logo on products to sell. The biggest seller ended up being a sweatshirt I created. From there I created a clothing brand and a online store and things took off. Read more>>

Garrick Dorn | Boutique Sports Practice

Starting my own business has been a goal for over a decade. The experience and network that I had built over 20+ years allowed for immediate clients to support launch. Strategic savings funded my first year. My career was built on strategy and revenue generation for properties. All that I had to change in that equation was to replace “the property” with “me/my family”. Once I was comfortable with that, it was time to move forward. Read more>>