Our community of entrepreneurs, artists and creatives is no stranger to facing and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and so we asked them what advice they had for others.

Cass Griggs | Humanitarian/Salon Owner

Oxford English Dictionary defines insurmountable as follows: adjective too great to be overcome. “an insurmountable problem” .. My advice comes from a collection of the departed wisdom bestowed upon me by others. A combination of motivations, inspirations, self searching, an endless stream of helpful quotes, nature, music, lyrics, self-help books, exercises (both physical and mental), the ongoing analysis of our life experiences and the assurance that when we are aligned with our life purpose everything is exactly as it should be. Read more>>

Jessica Haber | Entrepreneur and small business owner

Never give up! As a woman with a disability, I am often faced with various obstacles. The most important lesson I have learned is that when you have a goal, it’s important to follow through. You may have to find new and creative ways to achieve your ultimate objective, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are bound to be hurdles along the way but discovering alternative paths and new ways around them will help you grow and ultimately add value to your success. Read more>>

Kristin Boyd | Business Owner and Candle Maker – Vim + Vigor Candle Co

Everything is going to be okay. No matter how impossible things may seem I always remind myself that I can and I will overcome what is ahead of me. Humans, in general, are incredibly strong and we are all a lot stronger than we think. My advice for someone facing (seemingly) insurmountable odds is to break it down and take things one step at a time or one day at a time. I am a big fan of lists, time blocking, and mind maps. Read more>>

Christal Pirtle | Owner & Creative at Felix Street Leather

I would advise someone to not give up. No matter how tough, scary, or difficult the situation is you don’t know what your made of until you are on the other side. And trust me there is another side. Life is filled with hills and valleys, sometimes you are on top sometimes you are down and looking up. Keep climbing! Dig deep, and find the grit that is inside you to weather the storm. Keep your goals in mind but focus on the present and take one step at a time. Read more>>