We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

India Purnell | The Holistic Wardrobe Stylist

The single most important decision that I have made that has contributed to my success has been to combine my passion with my purpose. My name is India, but you can call me “Indi The Holistic Stylist”. I am a freelance holistic wardrobe stylist specializing in curating time capsule pieces, revamping closets, and personal shopping services. As a licensed professional, I specialize in human behavior analysis and infuse my therapeutic background in a way that allows me to individualize the client experience. I have a flair for detail and possess the ability to mix labels, looks, and trends to astounding effect. With a mindful take on implementing sustainable fashion, I up-cycle innovative pieces for a variety of clientele. Utilizing my background in psychology to promote positive body imaging through wardrobe, I guide clients towards being comfortable with stepping outside of their comfort zone – in style. Read more>>

Antoine Ratliff | Healer / Teacher / Artist

The decision of authenticity, Hands down. Before I was on the career path I find myself in now, I was in the corporate world managing financial accounts for group homes, making decent money and doing mundane and unfulfilling work. I remember coming to the realization that how I was working, how i carried myself to keep that position, all of these things were not really me. I was living a lie under the justification of paying my bills. And on the heels of that realization, I also realized if I didn’t get off this train, I would ride it for the rest of my life, just like so so many other people around me, who considered that normal. I didn’t want to live like that, and I didn’t want to die like that. And so, although I was still very unclear as to what exactly I wanted to do, or how I was to go about doing it, I up and quit my job. The intervening time between that decision and right now as I’m typing this have been filled with the most miraculous and purposeful events and moments of my life, including the birth of my children, the discovering of my truest passions and embarking on the career that fulfills them. Read more>>

Josiah Rodriguez | Recording Engineer

I’d have to say that the decision to not compare myself too closely with anyone else in my industry has made the biggest impact on my success and how I evaluate what success is in general. To an extent, I still have to keep up with the latest and greatest music production styles and sounds so that I have examples to pull from, but I have stopped trying to emulate them. This has allowed me to grow and find what sound’s best to me and my clients, and I think that it gives every project that I do its own unique qualities. Read more>>