We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Nick Owen | Father, husband, and small business owner

I’m inspired by fatherhood. My wife and I just had a son on September 10th, 2022. Growing up without a father, I know firsthand how valuable a father is, and how important they are. I missed out on having my father in my life but instead of letting that get the best of me, Read more>>

Kim Harper | Fiber Artist

Pretty much everything in nature inspires me. I look at things: rocks, sticks, ropes, colors, and I just start dreaming of what I can do with them. A lot of my art pieces are inspired by sticks, branches, or roots I just happen to find while out exploring. I find amazingly-shaped pieces, and either the idea instantly comes to me, or I take it home and stare at it for awhile until I have the perfect idea. Read more>>

Kimberly Bogues | Business Consultant

Two things that immediately come to mind are business owners and young adults. I am inspired by entrepreneurs who are so talented, taking a risk, and following their dreams. Young adults also inspire me, as they are more entrepreneurial, vocal, and involved in their community than I was at their age. Read more>>

Bäsmini Hayes | Musician, rapper

One person I’m heavily inspired by is my mom, because her drive to do great is insane. She knows what her goal is and she knows how to get there, she takes the steps to do it, with patience and determination in mind. Read more>>