We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

David Sewell | Guitarist

This question means a few different things to me. What will I leave behind, what impact will I have in my field of study, what is my body of work, and also what is the lasting impression I will leave on the people I have come across in my lifetime? In the classical guitar world, I have a deep fondness for baroque music, arranging, adding new music to the guitar’s catalog, and teaching. The guitar has given me so much and I wish to pay it back with new arrangements of these great works of art. Hopefully, these arrangements will become new pieces played in concert halls around the world. Also, nowadays more than ever guitarists need to be multifaceted. I often tell my students that being well rounded will open more doors for you, whether it’s career opportunities, gigs, or anything in-between. Before going to school and getting my DMA in classical guitar I was (still am) an electric guitarist. A silver lining for me with being quarantined was that I was able to pick up my electric guitar a lot more this past year and am now working towards producing projects in both classical and electric guitar. Read more>>

Summer Olson | Salon owner & Nail Technician

It’s important for me to leave behind the drive and willingness to help others. I want people to remember despite the competitive nature of the beauty industry there was a person who once helped them without any expectation. Read more>>

Jacob Joseph Young | Singer, Songwriter,Musician & Actor

I would like to be remembered as one who has not only placed roots in many artistic endeavors but also kept true to self in the preservation of originality. Read more>>