Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Amanda Feller | Gratitude Gifted Co-Founder & Revenue Enablement Lead for an e-commerce 3PL

The success behind Gratitude Gifted is less about ‘what are the products’ and more about ‘how can I make a difference’? Gratitude Gifted solely exists to make a difference. Gratitude as an emotion is one of the most powerful forces. It has the ability to shift our moods, our mindset, our relationships, our actions, our decisions – it is truly so impactful. It is a practice that is both deeply personal and also connects us to others. Read more>>

Anthony Walton | aka Anthony Peso®️, Owner of Icebreakers Artesian Spring Water, Creator of The Icebreakers Show & Certified 2 Million Streams on Spotify

I believe that success is relevant to how a person defines them being successful and how success is measured. I define success based on my ability to live freely. Taking care of my family and spending quality time with my friends. One of the other factors is measuring my business, daily. Read more>>

Dean Kaiserman | CEO

I believe the secret behind our success is good old fashion customer service, high quality products and services at reasonable prices. Our first concern is customer satisfaction and we strive to exceed expectations. If we do make a mistake we take ownership of it and do whatever is necessary to fix it. Read more>>