We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Deanna Fligg | Fine Artist & Illustrator

Mother Nature is a large part of my inspiration. While many others also draw inspiration from her, there is a deeper meaning and a connection between her and I that is hard to put into words at times; it is a very personal relationship. I have always said that she is poetic and her beauty has been guiding me for some time. My art journey has been through many challenges, mostly around my health, and Mother Nature (bees specifically) drove me towards a path of healing. At the same time though, I believe she was speaking to me and asking for help herself. Read more>>

Crystal Peralta | Hand Embroidery Artist & Landscape Designer

To put it plainly – life inspires me. From my surroundings to the adventures I’ve been fortunate enough to have, seeing gorgeous landscapes and knowing it will be quite some time until I can ‘relive’ those moments set me onto a path of recreating these scenes. Anything from a family get together, major life milestone, new member of the family or travel plans that you wish you could live through again – I’ve been able to recreate these moments for several amazing clients who now how these special moments stitched in time, forever. Read more>>

Jon Autopsy | Sound Designer & Music Producer

Genuine passion. I can’t tell you how many concerts I’ve been to where some of the acts onstage looked like they were bored out of their minds, all the while I’m down in the audience dreaming of an opportunity to play in front of any audience. It was those acts where the entire band was putting on a show, everyone was into it and even though it might have been the 37th day on the tour, they were still loving what they got to do. Even bands I had no interest in seeing originally who may have been opening acts would totally change my mind because of how passionate they were about the music they were playing. Read more>>