We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Lindsea McKinley | Lifestyle Content/Theme Park Creator

Staying motivated is one of the most important factors in my success, it’s one thing to wake up one day and feel motivated but for me it takes a little more stamina to stay in that mind set. In order to stay motivated, enjoying what I do on a daily basis and working towards thriving in my career every single day makes a huge impact on my determination and how I stay compliant for each day ahead. Read more>>

Landon Kluth | Photographer

As a business owner, I have come to believe that creating relationships is a main factor of having a successful brand. This may include things such as: Communication, Positivity, Respect, and Trust. Read more>>

Alex De Lucio | Managing Partner & Attorney

There is no substitute for hard work, but I would say networking and the ability to make friends. I think it is important to have people in your corner wanting you to succeed. Building a network allows you to have more options and resources to better serve your clients. I have always believed in the motto “Be kind and stay humble.” If you are kind, people will want you to succeed and if you stay humble, nobody will try to knock you down. Read more>>

Eleeza . | Singer-Songwriter/Performer

I’d have to say the most important factor behind my success is continuing to charge the mountain. I’ve had my ups and downs over the years, but I have always remained faithful–in my talent and my dreams. Goals change over time, but my love for music is never-ending. Read more>>

Sheldan Wilbon | Artist

Staying consistent and just doing it! Things can get tough and scary. If you come up with an idea and just do it you won’t have to say,” You should have”. Read more>>

Austin Simonton | Co-Founder and VP

In the book “Good to Great” Jim Collins shares the idea of First Who, Then What. Jim Collins believes getting the right people “on the bus” is more important than where “the Bus” goes. Read more>>

Dallin Simonton | Co-Founder of Nexstar Homes

I think the most important factor behind our success is having the absolute best team. People would be blown away from the talent, knowledge and work ethic of everyone at this company and all those behind the scenes. Read more>>

Adison Hislop | Founder & CEO

I am struggling to pick only one, so here are three: Community, commitment, and resilience/adaptability. This is a market that heavily relies on finding like-minded businesses, that understand and value your work just as much as you understand and value theirs. Read more>>

Daria M | Destination Wedding Photographer

I genuinely carte about my couples and my craft. I strive to produce unique imagery that makes people feel everything they’ve felt on their wedding day. Read more>>