Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Casey Anderson | Business & Marketing Consultant

Being a parent can be one of the most challenging tasks; always being ready for the unexpected. It is a relationship like no other and is a true act of unconditional love. Read more>>

Rossy E. Eguigure | Production and Content Development Executive – Female Founder

I have one adult daughter who is an independent successful professional and kind human being. However, I feel that what she told me is what I’m most proud of: “mami, I didn’t do what you told me, but what you did”. Read more>>

Laura Agnew | Interior designer , Mom

I think I provide a peaceful space for my son to grow up in ,I try not to bring the stress of my job into the home. I like to keep the mood pretty light so he always feels like he can come talk to me about anything , and have a chance to unwind , I try to make his home both comfortable emotionally and physically . Read more>>

Torri Bendel | Natural Health Business Owner

I want my children to know that you have to work hard for the things you are passionate about and believe in. I want them to see that no matter how tough life got, their mom always worked hard and never gave up, while continuing to put them first. Read more>>

Julie Trotta | Small Business owner

I took a risk. As a single Mom, not only do I have to think of myself, but what is best for my 3 daughters. Before I became a business owner I was an accountant. I spent a lot of time at work, and not so much time being present for my kids. Read more>>