We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

AZ Deadpool

Being a cosplayer can seem like a fairly odd thing to those who aren’t in the world of superheroes. Cosplay is something that, in essence, allows those of us who do it, to have an escape from any sort of negativity that may be going on in both our own personal lives or things that are happening in the wider world as well. Along with that, cosplaying has the opportunity to put smiles on faces. I’ve had people come up to me and say how something like my Sailor Moon and Deadpool mashup is so awesome and fun. Just those short interactions on how much they enjoy seeing it, gives me so much joy alternatively. Read more>>

Christie Verran | Hospital Pharmacist & Vacation Rental Owner

The word “Happy” is the underlying theme of the business I created… Happy Cactus Vacation Rentals! Ultimately happiness starts from within by finding contentment in the blessings you have already been given. Family, a home, a career and time to enjoy life. There is a quote I once learned that has stuck with me, “Success if not the key to happiness. Read more>>

Brittney Green | Certified Life Coach

At this current stage of my life, I am happy serving God, raising my son, spending time with my family, and drinking coffee. Why? Two of them saved my life and the other helps me daily LOL! Read more>>