Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Dylan George | Interior Designer

Doing what I love makes me happy and content. I love to design, innovate, curate and create. My brain does not stop thinking about how things are and what they can be. Sit me down with a sketch pad and a pen and I’ll just draw whatever structure I see in my head. It grounds me especially when things get overwhelming. I had to learn how to not dwell on things and keep moving forward; and sketching for me was the way to do that. Read more>>

Eduardo Sanchez | DriverOne Imports Co-Owner

What makes me happy is a combination of two things, having found the thing I am passionate about in life and turning that into a business and having my family fully support my dream and pushing me to go for it and give it my all. Read more>>

Margo Huntley | Social Media Creative | Fashion BA

I love this question. I think the degree of happiness that we have in our life depends completely on our perspective and where we choose to seek and accept it. I always say, two people could live the exact same life under the exact same circumstances but based on their mindset, one could lead the happiest life in the world while the other could be miserable. So to circle back to the question, just about everything makes me happy. My surroundings, small things, big things, even hard things often make me happy because I know that growth follows hardship. Why do I think like this? Read more>>

Krystal Munday | Silversmith

In my business, what makes me happy is that I am able to build a piece of jewelry from scratch and when it comes to life it gives me a sense of achievement. Also, when my jewelry finds that particular person that loves it as much as I do, that is what keeps me inspired and motivates me to keep making. The most fulfilling moment is when I see my hard work worn by those who receive it. I also love to sell at markets. There’s something about the feeling of having someone admire your product, pick it up or try it on. Read more>>