Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Julianne Madsen | Travel Writer and Photographer

Variety is the spice of life, new experiences make me happy. I love hiking a new trail… discovering a new species… eating at a new restaurant… tasting a new fruit… going to a new museum… exploring a new town or country… sometimes just taking an alternate route to see a new street will do the trick.
I try to do something different every day, and I am continuously impressed by the amount of places I’ve never been, the things I’ve never seen. My bucket list grows and grows to dizzying lengths, as does my appetite to take it all in.
You never know what tomorrow will bring, so seize today. Read more>>

Brit Keeton | Blogger & Plant Nerd

Spending time in nature, learning, and creating all bring me happiness. Plants in particular bring me joy – there is so much diversity and beauty in the plant world. If you don’t look closely you might think they’re just a bunch of static green things just sitting there, but if you can find the time to be out in nature you start to see that they are these dynamic beings relating to each other, feeding and sheltering birds and animals, and relating to us if we choose to learn about their historical uses. Read more>>

Corey McGrath | Delivery Driver & Photographer

What makes you happy and why? I am happy when I am doing photography. In those moments I feel as though I’m able to show the true beauty that this world can be. I notice that sometimes, in life. We get very busy, due to this, some people forget to take a moment for themselves. We also forget to look around, and remember the beauty that is this blue planet of ours. There are many beautiful things in this world of ours; Read more>>