We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters?  We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Sophie Dorsten | Singer-songwriter

What makes me happy is my music. I love creating new songs – writing them, performing them for others, and hopefully recording them for an even larger audience to hear them. I love sharing my music with others; to be uplifting or even just so others know we all go through the same stuff. Read more>>

Duane Freeman | Community Coordinator, Team Builder, and Ambassador of the Absurd

What makes me happy is connecting with people and having people connect with each other. I also love to play with others, be silly, and not take myself too seriously. I know it sounds cheesy but I do think I embody this mantra. I am always looking for a new experience or activity to try and love people who just jump in and make it fun no matter what the experience. I do think that my mindset that anything can be fun if you make it fun keeps me happy. I also am lucky to have people that surround me who have that similar mentality. Read more>>

Jose Carlos | Southern Arizona Portrait Photographer

What truly makes me happy is connecting with my Clients, and delivering on my promise to create their favorite portraits of themselves. We’re all connected on a deeper level, cosmically, and it’s an incredible part of life to experience. Read more>>

Lorraine Tallman | Founder and Caregiver

My Happy place is with every childhood cancer warrior that I make smile. Our sweet Amanda Hope heart was to make a difference in pediatric oncology. After four years of fighting leukemia and a brain tumor she created a bucket list to help other little warriors. Creating “Big hug” moments. Read more>>

Gulnaz Sabirova | Photographer

Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy or contentment. This is how happiness is defined in dictionaries, but this word is so complicated and unique to everyone of us. To me, happiness comes from simple things such as waking up, being healthy and knowing that my family is safe and well. This knowledge makes me feel strong and encourage to new actions and achievements. Another ingredient of my happiness is a love of my husband and son, their smiles and success. Read more>>

Katelyn Bailey Greno | Author

Writing makes me happy. My book, Finding Ava is one of my greatest accomplishments and is a prime example of escaping into my own world and letting my imagination run wild. Writing makes me happy because I am in control of what I write and the world I create. Read more>>

Sheila Leedy | Spiritualist Medium

Listening to good music and going to concerts, going to the drag races, spending time outdoors in nature, being around animals, especially baby animals all bring me joy. Spending time with my best pal, hanging out with my family and friends also brings me joy. Travelling makes me happy, especially if I am headed to Scotland! Why? I suppose it has to do with the how I feel when I engage in any one of those activities. Music speaks to me in ways that are difficult to define. Drag races are just plain exciting! Read more>>

Olivia Duenas | Esthetician

Being able to do what I love. Having a career that fulfills my passion and allows me to help others. For me, doing what I love has completely transformed my life. I found peace, I’m more relaxed, and I can be a better version of my self because I’m happy! Read more>>

Lisa D’Amico | Artist & Curator

My happiness sits on the end of a paintbrush. Every new painting is a deep breath. A new beginning to tell a story using color and creativity. Translating and provoking human emotions are the primary focuses of my artwork. I strive to reproduce the varied facets of feelings through my deep fascination with color and composition and the struggles that occur between them. Art has seen my through stress, isolation, joy and change, It has connected me to people to all over the world and has helped me to see life from different points of view. Read more>>

Leslie Berry | Artist and Retired Designer/Illustrator

Accomplishing/succeeding at something creative; overcoming any of life’s challenges; connecting with nature; connecting with family, friends and like-minded human beings; and the pursuit of lifelong learning. Why: I’m not sure. Perhaps because I place a value on these things. And that I value these things could be a function of my personality, upbringing, culture, environment. Read more>>