How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Troy Meeker | Artistic Director

There are going to be times for everyone where you make decisions with an unknown future and you just have to take the chance. For me, going to an arts magnet high school across town where I didn’t know anyone rather than my local high school was a huge risk, but it paid off with incredible learning. Going to college in Arizona rather than returning to Texas was a big risk, but I worked with incredible people, learned my craft, and met the love of my life. Read more>>

Kennedy Bailey | Destination Wedding Videographer

I love this question! Joey and I’s life has so far consisted of many risks, many which have paid off time and time again. I think most people think of taking risks as a big fear and anxiety. Although taking risks can be a little scary… not taking that risk is even scarier. Life is all about risks and sitting back and doing nothing and not taking that risk that is sitting on your heart is a risk in itself. We’ve had many risks throughout our personal and professional life. Starting our own business was a risk! Going full-time was a huge risk, quitting our full-time jobs was a risk, traveling full-time was a risk, quitting college to be a full time entrepreneur was a risk, getting married young was a risk but every single one has been Gods Path for us and each one has been so full-filing and well beyond worth all the risks. Read more>>

Andrea Wojciak | Interior Designer

Risk taking is so wrapped up in passion for me that it’s hard to label it as such. Career risks that I’ve taken have felt so driven by compulsion to do what I love that sometimes it feels like someone else is in the driver seat. I’m grateful for that spark that has kept me going and pushed me along. Especially in times where that inner critic wants to take over. Read more>>

Tamara Babun | Film producer

Risk is in the very fiber of success. I believe we need to build our business intuition gradually, understand that setbacks are normal and allow ourselves calculated risks because without them there is no moving forward. For many things we need to do, the next big project or client, we are usually never really ready for that, But you take the risk, and you become ready by doing. Read more>>

Tyler Kuenzi | Principle Architect | Creative Director

Architecture and design are nothing but risk. From deciding to take on a project, to taking design risks that push the limits of possibility, we have to take on a certain amount of risk everyday as part of our work. Risk has to be calculated, but when taken can be extremely rewarding. We wouldn’t be where we are today without taking risks or having people take risks with us. Challenging the expected to create thought provoking architecture has paid off for us. Each time we’ve taken a design risk, it’s opened the door for new opportunities and new clients that have allowed us to evolve as an architecture studio. Read more>>

ANG | DJ/ Producer Duo

Risks are always present in every decision you take. Risks become a key part of success in any professional or personal endeavor one takes. For us we always try to take calculated risks but we have become aware that there will always be unavoidable risks in every business decision we take. When we have taken risks and the results have been positive it is a relief, and it feels like we made the right decision. Read more>>

Care Verikas | Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales | The Bristol Bazaar | Dusty Dude Woodworks

I have to admit that I think about risk in a very different way than I used to. If someone had asked me this question about 2 years ago, I would have said that I am not a risky person and that I like to be able to predict what is going to happen in my life. Now, being the co-founder of two businesses, I lead a life that is the exact opposite. Risk is exactly what has brought my husband, Eric, and I to where we are now. Read more>>

Heather Marianna | CEO Heather Marianna LLC, Chairwoman Marianna Naturals, CEO of Beauty Brand Coaching

I think life is all about calculated decisions and risks. It isn’t only about money but it’s also about business. For example in January of 2020 I started another brand in Canada, and we were slated to go public end 2020, then the pandemic hit. Then then then and finally 2022 it’s being done. I could have stopped spending, working on that brand but I did not, I kept it moving with my CEO up there and kept working on it daily. Now 2 years later it’s all wrapped up. Read more>>

Gary Dawson | Designer, Artist, Manufacturer, Author and Educator.

In a way, I backed into my business while I was still going to school and receiving what were then generous GI Bill benefits, so initially, there wasn’t much risk for me. But as my business evolved, the risk level elevated as I invested more of my time and income. I think it is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs have a high tolerance for risk and I’m no exception. Especially memorable risks were when I committed to my first downtown lease to grow my business from the sidewalk (literally, since I was doing the art\craft show circuit at the time) to inside a high-value downtown, brick and mortar location. Read more>>