In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Ma’yet | Photographer, Chef, & Road Trippin Adventure Enthusiast

Honestly, I am not sure that I consider the risks taken most of the time. One of my character flaws and strengths is my impulsivity when it comes to certain aspects of my life. For example, I just moved 2,000 miles to the west coast to start a new career and expand my photography opportunities. When I looked at this situation, I did not see risk, but saw an opportunity and decided to act. Read more>>

Greg Minor | Actor, Model

There is literally no reward without a risk. Personally for me it was a risk just moving to Arizona. Originally im from Kentucky. I was there my whole life, playing basketball. I wasn’t highly recruited but after graduating high school I was a walk on at a small university in Indiana. Read more>>

Tommy Knos | Tommy / Vildknos

Risk should be my middle name ( ha ha ) I am Danish musician who write and perform my own songs and i am dyslexia. In school, I had a hard time struggling with dyslexia. I was getting bullied and getting into fights. Read more>>

Jordan Mayfield | NYC Based Director of Photography, Editor & Director

For me when I started in film I was doing it on the side while maintaining regular 9-5 jobs as much as I was not a fan of these jobs they were still giving me skills I could use in many ways down the road wither it was how to repair something fast and keep the show moving it also gave me a prospective to just keep moving keep working and stay focused. Read more>>

Teri Thomas Shaffer | Entrepreneur

Jim Rohn puts it so simply. Everything in life is a risk. From the moment you’re born, life is a risk. Think about taking your first step. It’s a risk that you’ll fall down. But babies don’t even think about the consequences. It’s a risk to play a sport, you may get hurt, you may lose. It’s a risk to get married, it may not work, something may happen. It’s a risk to go to college and pick a major and decide it’s not for you. It’s a risk to take a job and lose that job or decide you don’t like it. Read more>>

Joan Fisher | Photographer | Creative

I encourage everyone to take risks – friends, family, and peers. Want to quit your 9-5 to start your own thing? Do it. Want to move to a city where you don’t know a single person? Do it. Want to completely switch careers and not tell a single soul? Do it. Read more>>

Angelica Lopez | Hair & Makeup Artist, Founder of Lavish Glam & Co.

I take a lot into consideration. I have a 5 year old son, bills, a fiancé, a wedding to plan, my cats, etc.. It took me 5 years to come to even consider taking on this start up full time. All I could think was “what if I can’t do it?” or “what if people don’t like my work?” and just constantly comparing myself to other hair and makeup artists in Arizona, which is a much bigger community than you realize. Read more>>

Sara France | Photographer and entrepreneur 3 photography brands and studio space owner

Taking risks has been one of the most important things I have done in my business. Every major accomplishment in my business has been because of taking that extra step. Taking what is expected and finding a way to go one step farther. Either in image creation, marketing, building relationships, or client interactions. Those extra steps, those risks have been the difference. When you think, what do they expect and how can I do more than that. If people are doing business one way in your industry look for a way to be different. Take that risk and stand out. Read more>>

Keivon Hemmings | Music Artist

I think taking risks is the way to move past the margin you’ve set for yourself internally. I think one of the only ways to get in more comfortable positions is to make yourself uncomfortable. Taking risks opens the door to worlds you didn’t know existed. It has helped me make connections and get into places that I wouldn’t have been had I not taken any risks. I honestly think I can take a whole lot more! Read more>>

Hunter Cripe | Travel Advisor

I would like to think I’m a big risk taker and that, for the most part, everything has worked in my favor. Growing up in Northwest Montana has meant that risk taking has been an engrained part of life. I’m very fortunate to have grown up and still live in a community where most people tend to enjoy their time outdoors taking full advantage of what the season offers, myself very much so included. Read more>>