In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Arrem Lei Yanez | Influencer, Artist & Home Baker

Be Kind. Be Respectful! This is something I have learn growing up being being a “nobody” in the Philippines. As a kid of a poor family, I was always bullied by other kids who has well off parents. I was bullied from the way I look, (I wasn’t the cutest at all), from the clothes I wore, (my brothers and I share same shirts and pants) and for being the opinionated kid that sounds too old for her age. I always know how it feels like to be outcast and I do not want that for anyone. I always want people to feel they are important and they are loved. This is also what I tell my children, to always be kind to others no matter what. They always have to respect others, even if that person is the worst criminal. Read more>>

Jessica Melrose | Macramé Artist & Visual Arts Teacher

I don’t think an artist can really be an artist if values and principles don’t guide what they do. Personally, I place a lot of value on relationships and rewarding work. Aside from being an artist, I’m also a teacher, so guiding people who are passionate about their creativity and the creative process is so fulfilling, especially when they create work they’re proud of. As an artist, it’s important to build relationships with clients; be approachable and a good listener. Doing creative work for someone else requires getting to know the other person’s aesthetic while staying true to your personal style and expertise. The opportunity to use my brain in that way ensures that what I’m making comes from a place of care and personal connection, and creating with a particular person in mind definitely keeps it fresh. The minute it gets old, I’ll stop doing it. Read more>>

Adrienne Noyes | Scottsdale Based Expressionist Oil Painter

A value that has become increasingly more important to me as I pursue my artistic career is the reminder that I don’t have to be producing every moment of every day. I think we as Americans have been drilled with the notion that to lead meaningful and productive lives, we must constantly be working and denying ourselves rest. Being an artist, that idea can hurt the creative process, and I find that it’s so important to allow ourselves time to decompress without guilt – and to create just for the sake of creating. Read more>>