We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Marissa Hamera | Movement Specialist

“Traditional education is the way.” David Epstein in his book Range said “If we treated careers more like dating, nobody would settle down so quickly” and truly the only reason we do is because that’s just the way our system in the US tells us to. As someone who absolutely loved school and excelled as a 4.0 student, I took an unconventional route after high school. With scholarships to all the colleges I applied for, I decided not to go but to focus on my dance career. This helped me discover my passion for teaching and empowering people to understand their bodies through movement which is why I do today. Read more>>

Brian Koren | Owner / Chief Engineer

That the customer is always right/customer comes first. I have always held the belief that your people come first. If you stand behind your employees and they trust that you will back their decisions, they will do the right thing when it comes to the customers. I have always empowered my teams to make what many consider “managerial” decisions with customers on their own. Because they know I trust their judgement and will back their decisions, my teams repeatedly make the right calls and, in a round about way, put the customer first. Read more>>

MiElle Harmon | Interior Designer, Full Time Business Student & SAHM

Most millennials here parroted the main piece of advice: “you need a degree to get somewhere in life,” and I fundamentally disagree with that. I may not be the wholesome success story of that lifestyle yet, but what should be shared is that entrepreneurship will get you somewhere in life. For most successful individuals, whether they attended a traditional, vocational school or none at all, the most significant factor between all of them is perseverance. They were consistent in pursuing what they hoped to achieve even as those things changed.  Read more>>

Tollisha Joseph | Networking Strategist

The one-piece of conventional advice that I disagree with most is that failure is a part of our journey towards success. Failure to me equals a lack of effort, if you don’t try then you have failed. I believe that preparation and proper planning is the formula for success. Within my profession of developing professional networking strategies, I have found that many people are unsuccessful because of the lack of preparation and planning around the activity. Read more>>