We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Brijal Raut | Photographer & Chemist

First of all, this is Brijal Manohar Raut. I have completed my graduation in BSc. Chemistry in year 2015. I started working as a chemist in a manufacturing factory since the year I passed third year. But photography had my heart always. I m a phone photography enthusiast. I always wanted to push my limits as a photographer, also I had some responsibilities to look after so I had to stick to the job. Now i am financially stable and I want to persue photography. I want Photography to be my full time job. I want to be known as a photographer. Read more>>

Chelsea Kavanagh | Artist

End goal is to solely make a living as an artist, to be my own boss, and to travel for it. By the end of my career I hope to have a large body of work in a museum. It’s human nature to want to leave a mark on the world and I definitely feel that push a lot. Human existence can feel very futile at times, so to extend my legacy beyond my lifetime would be rad. Looking at the near future I’m just trying to navigate the world during COVID-19 and attempt to figure out how to increase my audience online. I’m hoping to get a mural done by the end of this summer and in the next few years I’m hoping to have the opportunity to show my work in spaces outside of Flagstaff. Read more>>

Mark Jay Freedman | Artist & Teacher

And in the end…when put into words it seems simple…to leave a physical body of work behind that reflects who I truly was and the time in which I lived. The dream is that the body of work will live in spaces where they will be alive, appreciated and contemplated. Read more>>

Tara Werner | Portrait Photographer

The ultimate goal for myself has always been to have a photo studio space where my clients feel safe, loved and full of joy. The world tears us down so easily, and providing my clients with a photo shoot session almost always results in them feeling empowered and confident. I love being able to show others the beauty they hold. The majority of my clients are women and I specialize in retro and pinup style portraits. I love to think of it as an adult version of “playing dress up”. I have professional hair and makeup artists that I work with, and I also love to help my babes create a perfect wardrobe from head to toe. Currently I shoot mostly on location- I am very fortunate to have many lovely people who open their vintage inspired homes to me. I would love to have a studio space of my own to store treasured vintage props, glamourous wardrobe pieces, and allow for a full experience of luxury and decadence for anyone who enters. Being able to provide for my family fully off of my photography career would be the most beautiful gift. Read more>>