Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Carly Gilleland | Owner & Lead Producer

Balance is a consistent work in progress for me as a business owner. When you LOVE what you do, it is really hard to turn off the switch. Over the last few years I have recognized how important it is to maintain balance, because when I have more incorporated in my work week, I can see how it translates so well with my workflow and communication with my team. Being a parent has also forced me to structure in more balance as well. I think it will always be a work in progress. For me, the best tool has been sitting down on Sunday night time-blocking my calendar for the upcoming week and allowing at least one hour a day of self care and two hours a day with my electronics shut off so I can be completely present with my family. Read more>>

Kaylee Nedley | Business Owner

Work-life balance has taken on many shapes and forms over the past few years of running a small business. Naturally, the first few years, hustling and grinding is something that’s encouraged. It can quickly consume you, thinking it’s the only way to “make it.” It’s about how you want to measure success. What does success mean to you? For me, success was being able to work for myself, set my own hours, travel freely, etc. So it’s just a matter of checking in on that when you find yourself feeling worn down. Many times, I had to remind myself that building the life I wanted was the whole reason I started a business. Once I got that down, “turning off work” became so much sweeter. Read more>>

Violet Duncan | Creative Director

Surprisingly, this is a question I am asked a lot. How do you balance everything? How do you make time for work, family and yourself? My answer is very simple, I use what my people have used for thousands of years, the Medicine Wheel. Also, no I do not balance it all, at the very core of the Medicine Wheel is self and that is where you will find peace. The Medicine Wheel can be used as teaching tool by our elders and educators. There are many, many ways to use the Medicine Wheel, you could explain the seasons, lifecycles, and/or to restore balance and healing. I use this tool with my children and myself. The Medicine Wheel drawing begins by making a circle, then there are 2 lines drawn in either an X or a + design to show 4 quadrants. I prefer to use the Medicine Wheel for balance, so in each quadrant I write: Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional. I then write what I am doing for myself in under each heading. Read more>>

Chelsea Roles | Family Photographer

Two of my most recent favorite mantras are “Protect your peace.” and “Don’t trade your peace for progress.” I truly believe that balance is so important in life. When I was first starting my business I was taking on every job I could to get my name out there. I was striving to grow my business so much that my family was taking the brunt of the stress and lack of intentional time with them. Over time, I realized that my peace was more important than progress. It was okay to grow my business slower than I had originally anticipated. It is okay to not take on everything if it means protecting your peace. Growth is growth. For me, blocking out time for sessions and editing are so important. I will typically turn down a session if it interferes with the time that I’ve already set aside for my family. Read more>>

Mechelle Tucker | Entreprenuer & Power Broker

During these trying times, work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat especially living in the era of Smart Technology, which makes everyone accessible to everyone around the clock. Not having balance in this unbalanced world can hurt relationships, health and overall happiness. Overtime I had to learn to equally prioritize the demands of my career with the demands of my personal life to avoid chronic stress & total burnout. September 2020, I celebrated 20 years of marriage to the Love of my life and our kids range from ages 4-26, so my responsibility & priorities as a Wife, Mom & CEO are sometime never ending, so having the right mix of balance has become a positive lifestyle choice. Chronic stress is one of the most common health issues in the workplace and giving the side effects of chronic stress I quickly had to learn how to maintain work-life balance or risk getting sick. Read more>>