Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Liliana Cervantes | Illustrator

I’m not sure that as a creative person, there was ever much of a choice about whether or not to pursue art. Projects and ideas found their way to me whether I was working as a creative or as an admin assistant. Those ideas took root in my mind until they became full-blown gardens that needed tending to survive. I think all of us have these gardens inside that we need to keep alive so they can nourish us, and for me that garden is creativity. Read more>>

Bella Renee | Indie Electronica Pop Artist

I wouldn’t say there was a specific moment where I decided to pursue this career, I definitely would say it chose me. I’ve always loved music and grew up singing and playing my piano so I always knew this is what I was supposed to be doing. There was a moment in my life where I decided to take things up a notch and pursue it professionally and really just go for it. That was back in 2018/2019, I decided to get my music professionally recorded and ever since that first studio session it’s been a non stop grind for me creating music. Then I reached our to Jason, my manager and he believed in my project so now I have a full team helping me towards my goals and it’s the life I always wanted to live. Read more>>

Mo Yates | Male R&B Singer/SongWriter

Music has always been a part of my life. As a child I sung in the children’s choir, my first solo was around the age of ten. I remember how nervous I was but I also remember the self-confidence I had inside me to sing in-front of a church full of people. I think the song was “This Little Light of Mine”, once I finished that solo performance the crowd gave me a standing ovation. From that point on, the candle was lit inside me and my passion to create music grew into a full blown inferno. I played all types of instruments and continued to sing in the church and school choirs throughout my childhood and early teenage years. My friends would pay me to sing their favorite R&B songs and once I found out that the girls liked me more because I could sing it was game over! Ha ha ha That passion to be a singer grew even more once I went to college and met other like minded musicians. We converted our dorm room to a recording studio and started to write my own lyrics. Read more>>