We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Brett Cahoon | Jazz Bandleader & Vocalist

I grew up like many other teenagers with Rock Stars for Idols and the one and a million dream to become one. This interest first started to become something tangible at 15 when I drug my dad’s old acoustic guitar that no one played out of his closet and began to teach myself guitar. Fast forward a few years and I spent almost all of my time chasing Rock N Roll stardom in bands playing original music where I had become a proficient rock guitarist and decent vocalist. When I wasn’t doing that I was working at the local Pizza Hut. Read more>>

Airyes itos | Artist, Creative Director

Hi, it is a pleasure to reconnect and share more with you. Why did I pursue a creative career? ⎯ thank you for asking. It was not much of a pursue, I am confident to say it is my life. One of my artistic skills, turned work, is my photography. Choosing photography, as of one my businesses, was a welcomed challenge. It took a lot of energy and hope, a great deal of struggles, that I would get this business up and going. My life as a creative, an artist comes natural to me. I have drawn, painted, written, acted, sang, edited, directed, performed, and so on, since I was little itos (yes, “itos”, lower case, as it is my sister’s first word calling out to me as a baby). Read more>>

Nan Wollman | Sculptor, photographer, ceramicist

I have to do it. I wouldn’t recommend it if you can do something else to live, and create as a hobby. Read more>>

Emma Roberts | Cosplayer & Artist

I pursued cosplay and art because I always felt drawn to it. I worked my whole life thinking I’d enter the medical field but art and cosplay were always there for me. When my medical path didn’t work out, I put more time into cosplay so that I could at least try to break even on my costumes. Now my online presence as HeartlessAquarius has grown even larger than I ever could’ve imagined! Read more>>

Bree Arianna | Freelance MUA & Nail technician

I pursued an artist career because I’ve always loved art. All forms, music, design, paint, dance, etc. As a child I never wanted to be a teacher or police officer or doctor. I wanted to be a star, excelling in the art. I wanted to be a singer/designer/movie star. And that never changed. I never saw myself as a corporate worker and I was always the child to come up w/ something creative by my own hands. I saw the world differently. I lived in a world in my mind that thrives off of creativity and till this day; it’s what brings me the ideas and all of the several talents that I have because I’m always looking to create something. Read more>>