Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Nuru ZeKariyahh | Certified Natural and Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Plant Based Foodist, Botanist, Personal Trainer, & Horticulturist

My perception of taking risks is that it’s inevitable. Some are great. Some are small. But there is no such thing as “no risk” in life. Every person takes a risk in life every single day because every day each person has to make a decision towards something. A decision is a risk whether it’s deciding to go for a walk in the neighborhood, start a new business or get a 9 to 5 job. Read more>>

Missy | Life Coach, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader & Owner of Missy’s Mysteries, LLC

Risk is a choice, a decision. It makes a bold statement that you have decided to move forward, no matter the outcome. The difference between those who take risks, and those who don’t – is fear. Fear of not making the right decision, fear of failure. I do not see failure as an option. Read more>>

Ryder Lyne | Science Fiction & Dystopian Author

I think risk-taking is a necessary part of the industry. In fact, it holds some truth for almost every industry. It comes down to weighing the risks associated with that part of the process to decide if the return on investment is likely.  Read more>>

Melanie Campbell-Carter | Mixed-Media Artist, Botanical Artist, Family Physician

I think risk is like the monster under the bed. If you believe in it to the point you’re afraid to get out from under the covers, life is going to be a snoozefest. Read more>>

The Border Hookups | Full Time RV Adventurists, Health Coaches and Musicians

When deciding to go the road full time we had to factor in the risks. When it came to playing music on the road we had to factor in that the local connections we had relied on would no longer be there. We would have to continue to prove ourselves time and time again to new venues. There was a very good chance that our frequency of shows would decline. Read more>>

Jim Harper | Creative, Publisher and Coffee Enthusiast

Risk is everything. All of my high points in my career have been a result of taking a risk. While not all have succeeded financially, they have all fulfilled me completely from an emotional standpoint, and they are the things I’m known for from a highlight standpoint. Read more>>

Gabriela Citlalli | Non-Binary Ashtangi | Hand Balancing and Contortion Practitioner | Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

I think it’s important to give some background that not everyone knows about me to start: Growing up, I was exposed to the life of academia at a young age. Most of my immediate family has PhDs or masters degrees and I grew up around PhD students. There is nothing wrong with such exposure but it led me to stress about the future for as long as I can remember. Read more>>

Brittany Gloria, BSN, RN | Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Risk taking, what an exciting and necessary factor that is very relevant to my career as we speak. Since we spoke last, I have joined a new practice, Curated Medical, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I have continued to practice as an Aesthetic Nurse Injector in the Scottsdale area, Gainey Ranch to be specific, and have been so fortunate to work in our beautiful office off Via De Ventura and Hayden Road. Read more>>

Rebecca Volkmann | Artist

Risk taking has many positive attributes in that it opens up channels that may have been previously closed. Also, it may build a stronger sense of confidence in the person taking the risk because it takes great courage to take risks. Read more>>

Amy Kaiserman | Entrepreneur & Owner of Bubble Huts LLC

Taking risk is an essential part of being an entrepreneur, however it is important to take calculated risks not just throwing something out to the wind and hoping something will happen. I took a risk over 8 years ago and still taking risks in order to grow both in business and personally. If I didn’t take the risk that I had, I wouldn’t be where I am today nor would I be the same person that I am. Read more>>

Lori Ramas | Systems + Success Builder

“A whole new world!” I scream-sang like all little 5-year-old girls who are obsessed with Princess Jasmin. But unlike most kids my age, I was prancing and singing outside the Dojo (karate school) under the neon Martial Arts sign. Read more>>

Tim McClellan | Designer, Builder, Storyteller

I am the 5th child of nine siblings. 4 older and 4 younger. I was a timid kid afraid of many things both real and imagined. I feared rejection, failure, disappointment, lack and ultimately discovering I truly was not worthy. The greatest gift I have ever received was one unknowingly given to me by my brothers and sisters. Read more>>