Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Kara Marshall | Artist

I think risks are necessary. It wasn’t until recently, when I retired early from my job to become a full-time Artist, that I saw myself as someone who takes risks. I started my Art journey about 5 years ago when an injury could have taken me out of work. I thought, what if I cannot go back? That is when I decided to pick up the paint brush and begin to chip away the fear and doubt that was instilled in me. It was about a year ago, when I found myself in a situation that left me with no other choice than to leave my job. I thought to myself, there’s a pattern here. I believe it is important for us to be happy. We get caught in the rat race and hamster wheel of life. We forget we are given a gift to share. It’s when we tap into our gift and take a leap of faith that things really change and really start to open up. Read more>>

Leslie Lehr | Professional Organizer, Lifestyle Expert, + Content Creator

I took a tremendous risk when I launched my refined organized style business, Leslie Lehr Living. Leslie Lehr Living is where style meets function and the pursuit of living more with les (s) is our motto. My passion, determination, and willingness to adapt my business along the way gave me confidence to believe with great risk comes great rewards. Read more>>

David Tyda | Festival Producer

Every festival is a risk. Not just for me and my business, but for anyone who produces them. Will it rain? Will the ticket scanners work? Will the power stay on? Will people show up? Will there be enough food? Will I make any money? The business plan is simple and ludicrous: go 5000% in debt, building something you think is going to be great, and then hope you come out ahead on event day. It’s actually thrilling and it forces you to give it everything you’ve got. Since I was a magazine editor prior to producing festivals, I’ve never been able to operate without a hard deadline. Well, there’s no bigger deadline than getting those gates open for festival day. So many things have to come together for those six or eight hours to function properly. A hundred businesses have to show up, bands have to be ready, drinks have to be cold, and so much more. It’s extremely risky. Read more>>

Chelsea Nordstrom-Alexander | Social Media Manager

I’ve actually never really considered myself a risk taker. All my life I really tried to play things safe and lived with fear of instability. However, the older I’ve gotten the more this has really changed. I don’t know if its the whole “YOLO” (you only live once) thing kicking in or if it’s just that as we get older, we actually start to relax and become more carefree? This past week I took what felt like the biggest risk of my life. Over the last few years I worked my butt off 9-5 at an agency job while also working on a creative side hustle to make some extra cash. As I started to realize my passion was in the hustle and the amount of growth in time and money I could gain if I just took the leap, fear of instability consistently held me back for what felt like forever…. until now! I finally took the risk, I quit a stable job I had been at for years (and even held through the start of the pandemic), and decided it was time to take my passion full time. Read more>>

Teressa Jackson | Professional Artist

I open my artist’s statement with the assertion that “safety and magic rarely intersect.” I have found that life is most worth living when it is a little bit scary. I have embraced this sentiment more and more with age, and made great peace with the prospect of risk. When I graduated with an art degree 20+ years ago, I couldn’t picture myself living life as an artist because of the uncertainty that accompanies that line of work. Instead, I spent the better part of twenty years working in non-profit management. Even in that line of work, though, I came to see the importance of risk taking in attaining worthwhile results. Most things of value come from risk, no matter what line of work you pursue. I believe that this realization led to the big life change I undertook four years ago, which was a momentous exercise in risk. Read more>>

Tamrin Ingram | Artist | Writer | Educator

I used to not really think too much about risk, I would just measure my decisions based on what felt right. If I felt that familiar tugging feeling in my gut then I knew that was the right decision, without question. I don’t mean to over-romanticize it or seem like some star struck artist just floating in the wind, but I made a habit of trusting my intuition a long time ago and that’s never led me astray (at least… not too far astray) It wasn’t until recent years that I realized that not everybody makes decisions strictly based on the fluttery feeling in their gut. When I was around 21 I hit a rough spot, I was single, getting ready to graduate college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself and I was terrified (like… literally terrified, of everything) and as afraid as I was of the world I realized that even more than that I was afraid of settling into complacency because I was too scared to go out and do anything. Read more>>

Aryana Londir | Artist, Traveler and writer, Lover of style, architecture, fashion, innovative design and freedom

Although many have said they admire me for “taking risks,” I know no other way to live. I believe the concept of “risk taking” is dependent upon how one wishes to live and experience the opportunities with which we are presented. I have moved to new cities solo, never thinking twice about it; many wouldn’t. I have traveled internationally solo; many wouldn’t. Of course I did my research and not acted impetuously, yet I have been branded as brave or courageous for my choices. My life, relationships and friendships are tremendously enriched by my experiences. If I chose to go with the flow and not experience the richness of life, I would only have disappointed myself. My work as an artist has grown tremendously as a result of my life experiences. Had I continued in the status quo, I would never know what I am capable of….and so much more to go! Read more>>