We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Mona Dixon | Motivational Speaker, CEO & Empowerment Leader

My favorite daily affirmation is “I will strive to make a positive difference in my life, the lives of others, and in the community in which I live!” This means that in all that I do, I have to do my best to always better myself, help others, and give back to my community! I love this affirmation because it recognizes the need for me to take care of myself and become the best version of myself so that I can live the best life possible, but it also reminds me that it is not all about me! I need to also help those around me, be a mentor, and bring others up with me as I move up the ladder. Lastly, my community is what helped me overcome homelessness and therefore, the least I can do is give back to my community and help make it a better place for all of us. Read more>>

Meet Lisa Jacobs Handler | Textile Artist and Jewelry Designer

Do your best at everything you do and finish what you start. This is the mantra I use as a teacher, and in my own practice as an artist. This mantra pushes me to use the highest quality materials, to sketch, practice, and make prototypes, and to try things over and over until I get them just right. I teach high school art, and I find that most people have great ideas but as things get hard to problem solve, few people want to push through to the finish. I often have to use my teacher’s persuasion to get students to finish their work. Following through to completion is the step that takes the most passion and vulnerability. Read more>>

Xan Simonson | Naturopathic Medical Doctor

My favorite and personal quote is “A Vision Shared Is A Vision Achieved” To me it means that when I help other colleagues and share the knowledge I have learned with them that I am helping that many more patients achieve their optimal health. It reminds me that it isn’t about the monetary gains but about sharing from the heart and doing “Gods Will”. He has always provided for me and my family and I believe that my purpose on Earth here is to help doctors expand their knowledge and skills to help their patients achieve optimal health. I have been blessed to have wonderful mentors during my training and post graduation and continue to communicate with them in my own practice and life. Read more>>

Kalin Colvin | Healthy Hair Stylist

The Bible states that “Your gift will make room for you.” To me, this is a hardcore fact! Everything that I’ve tried to do just to make money… I was unsuccessful in. I’ve tried starting a boutique, selling bundles, nursing school… I can go on and on. None of those worked out and I gave them my ALL. As soon as I try something that I’m already good at doing, people LOVE it. I loved it when Steve Harvey said, “The first step to reaching your full potential is to understand the difference between your talent and your gift. Read more>>